Eagles Minicamp Mini Notes- Day 2

The Eagles held their second day of mandatory training camp today with a practice that was open to the media. Will all drills still being non-contact, there’s only so much we can take from the current sessions, but we can take enough to get a gauge of what’s going on and who’s looking hot.

Uncovered frustration Jordan Matthews dropped a pass during some uncovered drills and seemed to get incredibly stressed before picking the ball back up. The passion was evident and his work ethic remains unquestioned but he can’t be dropping such easy catches come September.

Bradfords Birds

The new Eagles Quarterback continues to impress on the practice field . Like he did the day before , he went second behind Mark Sanchez during 7-on-7, finding Zach Ertz on his first throw. The two seem to be building up quite the relationship as the passing seems to be getting more and more adventurous. Ertz almost made a spectacular one handed catch, but the ball bounced off of his finger tips. Some deep passes to Brent Celek and some zippers to Riley Cooper have seen the QB take into the role like a duck to water. He has really not made any bad decisions thus far, very impressive.

New kids on the block

The new boys in all put on an impressive show. Ex- Seahawk Byron Maxwell forced a fumble on Kinne, something that’s hard to do in non-contact…Walter Thurmond also was frequently stripping the ball away. It’s something they struggled with last season, so to see such promising signs early on is definitely encouraging. DeMarco Murray is living up to exactly what Chip Kelly predicted for him. No flashy moves or dancing around, he hits the hole and he hits it hard. He looks very determined in the early sessions and the entire backfield is starting to pick up some steam.

Punting Problems episode 2

Jordan Matthews dropped a punt return attempt yesterday and history repeated itself earlier on. He dropped a It’s certainly not an area he’s looking comfortable with.

Tebow Time is still half an hour away

Everyone’s favourite Tim Tebow is still a diamond in the rough by the looks of things Despite some consistent efforts, he had a tendency to sail passes during his red zone attempts and has a habit of keeping the ball for way, way too long..remind you of anyone?

A gholorious finish

Probably not the best pun in the world, but the Eagles’ first round pick struggled in the opening stints today before redeeming his earlier drops by catching a deep ball from Barkley, leaving Rowe for dust. The way he attacks the ball would impress even the most cynical of scouts…he’s going to explode.

So with just one minicamp practice remaining this week, it’s the last chance for the Eagles to undergo these drills before the weeks climax. Thursday’s session will begin at 10:15 AM ET.