Why the Eagles should go O-Line with first Draft Pick

As a fan it’s easy to say that we need any of the first round WR’s or defensive backs or dream of hearing Marcus Mariota’s name being called. But after watching the team’s offensive line fall to pieces under the pressure of some of the best defences in the league (and even some of the worst) it has become increasingly alarming that the Eagles may actually be better off trying to strengthen their O-Line before even looking at any other position.

So the real question is if the Eagles are going to look at strengthening the Offensive line,  should they once again look to familiar territory in the way Jake Fisher. Fisher has the ability to make an immediate impact and potential to become one of the strongholds in the Philadelphia Offensive line in years to come.

Fisher comes out of Oregon, yep that’s right another duck. But he fact that Fisher played for Kelly at Oregon may not be as detrimental as people are making out. Think of it as pre-scouting. He’s seen what Fisher is capable of and will have a very good idea of whether he would fit the current system. Jake will be familiar with the playing style and used to playing in a fast tempo offence. If anyone has the vision of just how well Fisher is going to progress..it’s the head of the Philadelphia Eagles.

It doesn’t matter who you have at running back or if you have an NFL legend throwing the pigskin, if your offensive line is as useful as a sponge in a flash flood then the offence simply won’t produce. In 2013, Nick Foles had all the time in the world inside the pocket to set an NFL record of 27 straight touchdowns without any interceptions. In 2014, that comfort zone seemingly disappeared, as did the invincible Foles Record as the offensive line seemed to change personnel every week, providing low levels of familiarity and chemistry. Remember the Washington game? Foles was being hit more times than John Cena in a cage match. LeSean McCoy also suffered as he averaged almost a yard less per carry.

broncosfishercroppedThe current average age of the offensive line is extremely high. With a few players into their thirties and the team reportedly looking to trade Evan Mathis, there is a glaring need for a young inside lineman to fill the gap. Even if the team retain Mathis, there has to be some youth and sense of depth in the line. Injury can strike anyone at any time..with the average age being so high, an injury this late into some careers could prove season ending. It’s vital that Philly have someone to fall back on, or even better relieve some of the starters to prevent any injuries and add a sense of rotation.

Jake Fisher is 6’6″ and 306 pounds. A classic Kelly Prototype. Since his recent experiences at tight end, Fisher has proven himself as one of the most athletic players in not only his position but the entire draft class. His combine performance was nothing short of astounding, finishing at the top of the time sheets for the three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle whilst placing second in the vertical jump and 40 yard dash..not bad for a lineman right?

The real question here is if Fisher is valuable enough to be picked in the first round by the Eagles above all of the other needs. What we see and what Chip sees are two very different ends of the spectrum (as free agency as proven) so who knows what his motivations are going into the draft?! All we know is, if he’s going to strengthen the O-Line, Kelly has more knowledge on Fisher than anyone and will know exactly what he’s capable of.