What is Eastside Hockey Manager and how can you win a copy for FREE?

Ever wanted to take your favourite team to a Stanley Cup? Or for Flyers fans this season, the playoffs? Well now you can! Whilst NHL 15 offers a Manager mode, it’s somewhat…simple. There isn’t a lot of depth, growth and it all seems a bit mundane. But General Manager games are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as people crave a deeper experience than you could get from any console game. Franchise mode, Career mode and Be A Pro just don’t seem to cut it anymore. From the giants of Football Manager comes Eastside Hockey Manager. A Hockey management sim that combines the thrill of the EA NHL Franchise with the depth and statistics of Football Manager.

For those yet to experience Football Manager you have two options. Stay well away and keep your life as simple as it is now, or indulge in hundreds of hours worth of gameplay to know any social life you had has now vanished. Nights out have become nights in as you try to take your local team to the Champions League and you judge how attractive someone is by compiling a scout report…Eastside Hockey Manager is identical in this sense.

The creators had actually made an Eastside Hockey Manager game back in 2007 before deciding to shelf the idea due to piracy and not being able to make it marketable. But, with Steam now having a domineering presence over the PC market, it’s meant that the boys at Sports Interactive have been able to revamp the game and bring it back to the storefront.

Whilst there is no official licensing, (with the NHL known as The American League with the other 10 leagues listed under similar names), this doesn’t mean there aren’t loopholes into getting the official logos, names and players into the game. http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/portal.php The guys at The Blue Line have been working hard to bring out facepacks, logopacks and official championship/player names just hours after release! So if you struggle to get into a game where your favourite team is listed under a different name, consider your hesitations diminished! So be sure to sign up, and simply drag and drop their files into the relevant folders! It’s as simple as screaming BOBROVSKY.

Not convinced yet? The game is just $14.99 in early access! STILL not convinced? We’re giving away a copy absolutely FREE of charge! All you have to do is retweet the tweet below and follow our account to be in with a chance of winning!

See you on the ice…