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is Berube close to being fired?


This season marks the 40th anniversary since the Flyers last won the Stanley Cup and also the second consecutive season that the Flyers will have gone without making the playoffs.

The team haven’t had it easy though, the lack of room in the salary cap has meant that improving the team has been close to impossible for Berube. But that can’t excuse the inconsistencies displayed this year.

Philly is an all or nothing city. If you win, you go down a hero. If you lose..well, good luck winning the fans back. Historically the city has limited patience for losers and with the Flyers having just nine road wins out of 39, it makes you ponder the future of the current coach. Berube was not an appointment of Flyers legend Ron Hextall, but merely a piece that had already been moved on a previous turn.

On top of all of this, his relationship with goalie Steve Mason has somewhat deteriorated in recent weeks. First goalie coach Jeff Reese was released, then Mason was brought off the ice mid game with numerous other incidents filtering in between.

It’s the second season out of his three year deal and it may be the second season without playoffs. The team need nine points to catch the Senators in the last wild card spot and are still fighting..but if they fail to make the post season again, will we see the end of Berube’s reign as he seeks to restore glory to the Flyers?

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