Eagles still looking to trade Evan Mathis

Things have been quiet, too quiet..around the Philadelphia Eagles camp this week. Whether it’s due to the constant shocks of the opening week in Free Agency or maybe the speculation as to what Chip Kelly has planned. With no big moves or stars being shipped out, it’s kind of brought up the question..just what is Chip Kelly up to? Maybe he’s playing some Madden and eating Doritos or maybe he’s still trying to find a home for Offensive Lineman Evan Mathis.

The team are expected to speed up their efforts of trading Mathis during the three day period where all staff members including team owners and office executives have a chance to discuss all things Football. Whilst the return of Mathis has not been ruled out, it’s seeming increasingly likely that he will be playing under a different flag in the upcoming season. After joining the Eagles in 2011, Mathis sat snugly into the position and has accumulated 9 starts in his most recent season. If he does join a new team, it will leave a gaping hole in the offensive guard position. With the top three free agent guards already signed it would mean that the team would have to address the issue in the draft.