2020 Elite Cornerback Sheridan Jones talks Penn state visit

I had a conversation with one of the elite prospects in the 2020 class. CB Sheridan Jones about his recent visit to Penn State for the Michigan game and his recruiting so far. Jones is being heavily pursued by powerhouse programs such as Ohio state and Alabama, he is no.1 cornerback in the 2020 class.


LJ: How was your visit to Penn state for the Michigan game?

Sheridan: The visit was great. I got to talk to great coaches and see great players. The atmosphere was amazing

LJ: What impressed you the most about your visit to Penn states?

Sheridan: the defense, they played a great game last night

LJ: Are you highly interested in playing for Penn state?

Sheridan: after the visit it is definitely a competitor

LJ: What coach is recruiting you at Penn state? What do you like about Penn state’s defense?

Sheridan: I tend to talk to coach Terry Smith. I like how they get a lot of pressure on the quarterback allowing their corners to make plays

LJ: Do you plan to visit Penn state again in the future?

Sheridan: yes sometime after their season

LJ: What other teams are recruiting you at this time?

Sheridan: Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Charlotte.

LJ: What type of defense do you prefer to play in?

Sheridan: any defense is fine, I just want to make plays

LJ: What is your dream offer?

Sheridan: don’t really have one

LJ: What makes you an Elite corner?

Sheridan: I have speed ,length and I love to make plays. I also can come up for run support when needed

LJ: You have a Chance to do something special with this Penn state class considering the big targets that heavily favor Penn state. Are there any recruits that like Penn state you are associated with? Who?

Sheridan: I got to talk to Chris Tyree and drew Pyne yesterday. They seemed also interested in the school.

LJ: Will be watching you good luck on the season.



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