If not Jalen Hurts, then who?

Jalen Hurts
PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 19: Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts (1) throws a pass in the first half during the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles on September 19, 2021 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

NFC South

Falcons – 

Starter: Matt Ryan Backup: Josh Rosen

Matt Ryan gets a ton of hate for being one of the more reliable QBs since he’s been in the league. He hit a big time regression in 2021, but that was bound to happen with missing Calvin Ridley for 12 games. Now with Ridley set to join the Eagles, via my mock draft, could Ryan join him in Philly? The Falcons could seemingly release Ryan before the new league year starts on March 14th but that would mean a $40 million dead cap hit. If they designate him as a post-June 1 release, it’s only ~$25 million in dead cap and ~23 million in cap savings. Hmm… 

I wouldn’t trade for Ryan, but if he were a free agent? It’s worth considering.

Josh Rosen? Moving on.

Saints – 

Starter: Jameis Winston/Taysom Hill Backup: Trevor Siemian

Winston went 5-2 as the starter in New Orleans before going down with an injury, but that came with a 162 YPG average. He’s a free agent, but no thank you. Taysom Hill just signed a new contract and the Eagles already have a tight end. Siemian.. no.

Panthers – 

Starter: Sam Darnold/Cam Newton Backup: P.J. Walker

I won’t even waste words here.

Buccaneers – 

Starter: Tom Brady Backup: Blaine Gabbert

Here either.

NFC West 

Rams – 

Starter: Matt Stafford Backup: John Wolford

Not available. No.

Cardinals – 

Starter: Kyler Murray Backup: Colt McCoy

See above.

49ers – 

Starter: Jimmy Garoppolo Backup: Trey Lance

Despite beating the Cowboys on Sunday (thank you), the 49ers seem to be set on moving on from Jimmy G this offseason. If he’s released, the 49ers save $25.6 million. It’s a no brainer. But is he that much of an upgrade over Hurts that the Eagles should explore signing him? In my opinion, no. He’s started a full season just once in his eight years (albeit three of those were backing up Brady) and if you were watching the game Sunday (why weren’t you?) there were plenty of “oh Jimmy what are you doing?” I’ll pass, so should the Eagles.

Seahawks – 

Starter: Russell Wilson Backup: Geno Smith

Before the obvious, Smith… lol.

Now for the big one. Wilson is likely to find a new home in the offseason, should the Eagles look into him? Yes and no. 

Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, there is zero question about that and no one should argue otherwise. Is he an upgrade over Hurts? 1000x yes. 

But is he worth the “3 first round picks” Daniel Jeremiah proposed? No. 

The Rams do have a point in trading away their firsts. There may be no rookie who can change the team immediately as the player being traded for could. But is Russell Wilson on his own a bigger impact than three first round rookies? Especially rookies who can start to improve a defense that only did well versus quarterbacks who had Madden simulated names. If the Seahawks come calling and I’m Howard, I’m saying #19, 2023 1st, Andre Dillard, and Jalen Hurts. I want to keep #s 15 & 16. Lock in two blue chip players out of the three possible and get the QB you covet. If they want more, use all three for Hurts’ success.

NFC North

Bears – 

Starter: Justin Fields/Andy Dalton Backup: Nick Foles

Fields isn’t going anywhere and Dalton should retire. Bring back Foles to start the game versus Indy next year.

Lions – 

Starter: Jared Goff Backup: David Blough


Vikings – 

Starter: Kirk Cousins Backup: Kellen Mond

Billy Barnwell, who blocked me on Twitter, says the Eagles should trade a first to the Vikings for Cousins and EXTEND him $100 million more. 

Chris Simms has Mond rated higher than Hurts.

I would like to do drugs with Billy and Chris sometime.

Packers – 

Starter: Aaron Rodgers Backup: Jordan Love

Here we are. The unvaccinated, all natural, immunized elephant in the room. Aaron Rodgers is finishing up a likely-MVP season and is set to leave (most likely) the Packers after this season barring a change of heart. With his unhappiness with the Packers made public, plenty of QB-needy/semi-needy teams will be lined up to see if AR12 will want to play for them. Rodgers will be 39 next season so he’s close to the end of his career, but he obviously has a ton of talent left. I mentioned on Flippin’ The Birds back in July or August (I forget) that the Eagles should look into Rodgers after the season and I’d send two of the three picks to get him. I’m a changed man.

If the Packers trade him, the receiving team will be on the hook for a $46 million cap hit. Of course, the receiving team will want to restructure, but that cap hit will most likely drop to only the $30-$35 million range. You can offset that with rookie contracts, as the WR1 on the Eagles currently has, but how many of those contracts on a team can keep you as a contender? The Packers are set to lose Davante Adams because of that, but could seemingly keep him to play with Love if Rodgers’ contract is gone. But can (should) the Eagles risk losing out on top tier skill players because their cap won’t allow them to sign them? I don’t think so. Yes, the same can be said for the Russell Wilson trade above, but ultimately I think Rodgers will be a bigger cap hit on a team than Wilson.

Jordan Love is also a no for me.


Yes I am writing this like a high school essay. 

With Howie and Nick committing to Hurts (or are they?) for 2022, we hopefully can enjoy a stress free offseason. However, if this is a smokescreen for their interest in others, that interest may be for naught as the options out there aren’t a) better or b) cheap enough to obtain.

For better or for worse, Jalen Hurts is 2022 QB1.

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire