How the Eagles can salvage their relationship with Carson Wentz

NFL: OCT 04 Eagles at 49ers
SANTA CLARA, CA – OCTOBER 04: Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz (11) throws a pass during the NFL football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers on October 4, 2020 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. (Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire)

Make offseason intentions clear

No more QB factory. No more backstabs. No more misses. Roseman needs to state to Wentz from the off exactly what the Eagles plan to do and why. If he was part of the problem, let him be part of the solution.

What worked from his perspective? What didn’t? Were there too many offensive voices in the room? Was there anything more the team could have done that Wentz wanted and didn’t come to fruition?

Howie has two ears and one mouth. Listening to Carson’s reservations with the franchise and understanding his emotions (whether he agrees with them or not) will be absolutely pivotal not only for the resurgence of Wentz, but the entire team.

Build the offense around Carson Wentz

The hirings of Rich Scangarello and Marty Mornhinweg seemed perfectly aligned to help get Carson Wentz out of the pocket…until they weren’t. If anything, they were better-suited to Jalen Hurts and there was a real effort to move his launch-point after he took over the offense in week 12.

Instead of forcing Wentz into a cookie cutter, build the offense around him. Just as they did with Foles, just as they did with Hurts. Instead of simplifying it for less-able QB’s, play to the strengths of Wentz, who is better when rolling to his strong side and working the ball into 10-15 yard ranges, putting trust in his TE’s and bigger wideouts.

A need for speed is fantastic, but Wentz has never been the most accurate deep-ball passer and now there are so many zippy wideouts that it hardly makes sense to find another just for the sake of it.

Build the offense about what Wentz does well, not what you want him to do well.

Establish a clear pecking order

Whether there is a shock trade involving Jalen Hurts or not, establishing a clear pecking order is key. As of right now, all signs point towards a QB battle for the ages in training camp and a messy offensive coaching staff. From the top down, there needs to be a direct line of communication…and Press Taylor should not be a part of it.

The QB coach has done nothing to help his QB’s. Wentz has clearly regressed, that much is clear, and the errors he continues to make are all absolutely fixable. They’re comparable to rookie teething problems and it should be on the QB coach to iron those out. He isn’t.

He’s long-been criticized for his overly-friendly relationship with Wentz and that was again called into question in week 17, when he was found constantly sat with Wentz while Hurts, the QB actually playing, was left to his own devices with a tablet. Not great.

Firing Press Taylor could be risky given the relationship he has with Carson Wentz, but it may also be a necessity. Bringing in someone who can get the best out of him and re-affirming that to the-now 28-year-old may also create a sense of urgency.

Will the Eagles follow this guide? Who knows. What steps do you think the team should take to resolve their relationship? Let me know in the comments!

Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire