Prospect interview: Why Lamar Stevens is a perfect fit for the Sixers

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 04 Penn State at Michigan State
EAST LANSING, MI – FEBRUARY 04: Penn State forward Lamar Stevens (11) shoots over the top of Michigan State forward Malik Hall (25) during a Big Ten Conference college basketball game between the Michigan State Spartans and Penn State Nittany Lions on February 4, 2020 at the Breslin Center in East Lansing, MI. (Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire)

Zach: What do you feel makes you unique compared to some or all of the other prospects in the draft?

Lamar: Just really my ability to do a lot of things, I think that’s what separates me. You look at guys like Jimmy Butler who just go in and do whatever it takes to win, guys who can go in the mid-range, score inside, not saying that I would be a Jimmy Butler player but I think that just his versatility and the way that the NBA is going switching offenses and having guys who can that can guard multiple positions is favorable for me and my style. I also think that my toughness allows me to play even bigger at times.

And also just get a good person. Someone who’s been through the riggers of the big 10. I had to learn how to win over my four years I think that I would make a great addition to any locker-room and be able to uplift a team in a lot of different ways.

Zach: That’s a great answer, love to hear that.

Let’s get down to one thing a lot of people will want to talk about. You’re from Philly, were you a Sixers fan?

Lamar: Yes Sir.

Zach: Probably more importantly are you an Eagles fan?

Lamar: I am an Eagles fan… I’m a die-hard Philly guy… I am I definitely am.

Zach: That’s awesome man, you see all the guys that come here and they’re Cowboys fans and you know how we feel about that.

Well, I just have a couple more questions. What’s one part of your game you think everyone’s sleeping on?

Lamar: I would say two things. I would say my growth and the improvement and the steps that I’ve taken from three. In High School, I was a guy who never shot any threes and when I got to college, my adjust from my game to expand and to get better was to become better at the midrange. Since this time I’ve really focused on my three…and that’s something that I’m definitely excited to show.

Also, I think people know about my defensive versatility but I think people kinda sleep on my ability to score on offense. In my junior year, I averaged 20 in the Big 10, finished as the second-leading scorer in the conference. You just see how the NBA’s going, guys take advantage of mismatches and I felt like that’s really what I’ve done for the past two years. That’s something else that I’m excited to show.

I definitely want to be a defense-first guy, but those are things I’m excited to show teams.

Zach: Obviously, you’d be happy playing for any NBA team. Would you want to play for the Sixers? For your home crowd? It can sometimes scare some guys off but how do you feel about that?

Lamar: I think that would be a dream come true if I were to have the ability to put on the Sixers’ jersey. I just remember watching like Allen Iverson, and Aaron McKie and guys like that growing up. Those are my idols, those are guys that I looked up to, and for me to be able to be in this position where I may be able to put on that jersey that I watched growing up, my entire life, that’d just be a blessing. I think I would love that.

Zach: Thanks again so much for your time Lamar, you have a fan in me, and I’ll be watching closely as we approach the NBA draft and thereafter.

Thoughts On

I have spoken to few athletes, even people in general, as impressive as Lamar Stevens. Maturity is an understatement and wherever he plays, he will bring much to that team’s culture and the community.

It’s not all about off the court with Stevens either. He can play. While he’s not discussed among the top draft prospects, Stevens is committed to putting in the work to be better with each passing day and the Sixers should take notice.

He showed incredible growth from his junior to senior years and seems to have a solid grasp on the areas he needs to focus on.

If Stevens can become a reliable shooter from deep, he has the potential to become a nasty 3/D option that the Sixers sorely need. His defensive mentality matched by his scoring ability bodes well for a long NBA career.

I could easily see the Sixers draft Stevens with the intent to sign him to a two-way deal (at least initially) a la Shake Milton and Marial Shayok.

No matter where he lands, I will be rooting for Lamar Stevens, and I implore you to do the same.

Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire