UFC Fight Island Fight Night 3: Results and Analysis


Tanner Boser (W) vs Raphael Pessoa Nunes – Heavyweight Bout 

Next up are the heavyweights as Tanner Boser and Raphael Pessoa Nunes do battle in an exciting bout. Pretty lackluster first round, with Boser trying to stay on the outside and away from the heavy-handed Pessoa. Boser was enjoying some nice success with his leg kicks as Pessoa tried charging in to hit Boser with some right hands. Not much else happened, but I’ll say 10-9 Boser. 

Round 2 started at around the same pace as Boser was still staying on the outside, smashing up the lead leg of Pessoa. Pessoa tried to get some clinch work in but couldn’t find anything as Boser was firing to the body that opened up an overhead right that caught Pessoa on the side of the temple and eye, Pessoa retreated back and fell to the floor and Boser finished the fight with some ground and pound.  

Movsar Evloev (W) vs Mike Grundy – Featherweight Bout 

We move to the featherweight division for this next fight as Movsar Evloev faces UK fighter Mike Grundy. Grundy started the fight off really well, getting an early takedown but Evloev found his way back to the feet. Grundy got a second takedown and looked to have a d’arce choke locked in but Evloev magically got out of it and then stunned Grundy with a beautiful little combo that caused a lot of swelling to form under Grundy’s eye. Close round but I have it 10-9 Grundy. 

Round 2 was a brilliant round for Evloev, just completely picking Grundy apart on the feet, piecing together some really nice combos through the guard of Grundy. Grundy managed to score some more takedowns but Evloev just found a way back to his feet quickly and then he stunned Grundy again with a combo, followed by a spinning back kick. 19-19 but probably 20-18 for Evloev. 

Round 3 was very similar to the 2nd round as Evloev just kept breaking the guard of Grundy with some really nice hooks and left-handed jabs, Grundy scored another 2 takedowns but never controlled Evloev long enough for them to matter. Evloev ended the round nicely, with a little combo and I have it 29-28 Evloev. Judges agreed as they gave the decision win to Evloev. 

Tom Aspinall (W) vs Jake Collier – Heavyweight Bout 

We move back to the heavyweight division as Liverpool’s Tom Aspinall makes his UFC debut against a returning Jake Collier who’s making his debut at heavyweight. WOW, this fight ended as quickly as it started as Aspinall caught Collier with a wonderful knee to the stomach and followed it up with a powerful 1-2 to cleanly knock Collier out, what a debut on this big stage! 

Nicolas Dalby vs Jesse Ronson (W) – Welterweight Bout 

Back down to the welterweight division for this next one as Nicolas Dalby and Jesse Ronson do battle as both guys look to have a better 2nd tenure in the UFC. What a first round, both guys went for body kicks at the start and then Dalby let his hands go. Both guys were throwing shots at high volume and Dalby then body locked Ronson to the cage wall, looking to work in the clinch. Ronson got out well and caught Dalby with a beauty of a shot that sent Dalby to the ground. From there Ronson started throwing elbows down, one after another. Dalby tried to scramble his way out, but gave his back up, allowing Ronson to lock in a rear-naked choke and win the fight via submission, what a way to return to the UFC. 

Francisco Trinaldo (W) vs Jai Herbert – Lightweight Bout 

In the featured prelim bout, we have UFC legend Francisco Trinaldo welcoming former Cage Warrior’s champion Jai Herbert to the UFC octagon. Herbert seemed to start well, finding Trinaldo with a right hand at range but the veteran charged forward, caught Herbert with a nice right of his own and then took him down. From there he threw down some nasty elbows and looked to get a guillotine locked in. Herbert got to his feet but Trinaldo found another takedown. Herbet got to his feet once again and caught Trinaldo with some nice knees and got a takedown of his own to end the round. 10-9 Trinaldo. 

Round 2 started and Herbert sent Trinaldo crashing to the floor with an electric right hand. Herbert jumped on top, trying to get the finish and managed to get the back of Trinaldo. From there he worked for the rear naked choke for a couple of minutes until the fight returned to the fight. Herbert just kept finding a landing spot for his right hand and found some really nice knees to the face too that kept stunning Trinaldo. 19-19 going into round 3 but all momentum is with Herbert. 

Well what an end to the fight as Herbert was looking so well until Trinaldo caught him with a monstrous overhead left that sent Herbert falling back out cold and with that he continues his win streak to 3 wins.

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Mandatory Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via USA TODAY Sports

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