Eagles Draft Profile: Get to know LB Akeem Davis-Gaither


Personal Life

What’s on your playlist game day?

“I don’t really do the hype music. I stay calm before the game. But I like listening to Major Nine, Jay-Z, Rod Wave. Don’t really have too many specific songs, I just put the phone on shuffle and get in my own zone.”

What’s the one food that you can’t be without when you’re allowed to eat a little more in the offseason

“My diet is really basic right now, it’s been like that for abotu two and a half years. But I do crave seafood, I’m a seafood guy. Lobster tail.

Growing up in North Carolina, who did you root for and is there a player you kind of modeled yourself after?

“I grew up a Carolina Panthers fan. But I was a huge fan of Ray Lewis. I watched his highlight videos before the games. I really tried to mirror his relentless, 100% effort in doing everything he can to help his team win a game.”

Whichever team out there gets you, who are they getting?

“A family man, a father, somebody who will do anything for his teammates, the organization. A guy who comes in early and leaves late to just find anyway possible to get better. An athlete. A great leader and person on and off the field. Just somebody who’s going to do anything he can to help his team win.”

ProFootballNetwork’s Andrew DiCecco says “it’s only a matter of time before the Sun Belt phenom becomes a household name

Akeem definitely fits what Jim Schwartz wants from his linebackers, and he most definitely fits the high character player that Doug Pederson wants on his team. Hopefully we see him in midnight green.

Mandatory Photo Credit: AP Photo/Brian Blanco

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