Two years of mistakes: Analyzing how the Sixers ultimately ruined “The Process”


Markelle Fultz

99.99% of the basketball world viewed Fultz as the unrivaled best player in the 2017 NBA draft. The idea of him and Simmons running up and down the court had Sixers fans salivating left and right. His injury/mental collapse was something nobody could have predicted. He was ultimately the *correct* pick that year. 

Sam Hinkie Firing/Colangelo Hiring

A lot of fans point to this moment as the time when things started turning south for Philly, and rightfully so. Hinkie was (and still is) one of the smartest basketball minds in the world. Adam Silver and the league stepped in and forced him out, appointing “their guy” in Bryan Colangelo, who ultimately was fired.

The Sixers had little control in this matter. Hard to call it a mistake when it was forced upon them.

Not Firing Brett Brown Last Year

As frustrating as he can be, Brett ultimately earned the right to be given one more shot with this group. The team was mere seconds away from a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals last year. This whole thing plays out differently if Kawhi misses that game 7 jumper…

Brett is not a great coach by any means, but the fact that Elton Brand swapped JJ Redick and Jimmy Butler for Al Horford is a borderline criminal decision which Brett didn’t make.

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