Know your Eagles enemy: The Seattle Seahawks (part two)


The two teams have faced each other 17 teams in the regular season. The Seahawks lead the series 10-7. This is their first ever playoff match up. The Eagles have never beaten a Pete Carroll led Seahawks team. 


The first playoff game in Philadelphia in two years (seems a lot longer). Carson Wentz’s first playoff game. Hungry wolves at every skill position, thanks Kyle Brandt. A packed, and I mean PACKED, Lincoln Financial Field. Do I really need to say more? Eagles win 27-20. 

*If Saints beat Vikings, Eagles travel to San Francisco. If Vikings beat Saints, Eagles travel to Green Bay*

No stat line predictions today. Looking forward to seeing Wentz and his band of misfit toys dominate!

Ok, ok, just one:

Wentz: 24/29 270 yards 2 touchdowns 

ok one more:

Sanders: 16 rush 90 yards 1 touchdown