Building the All-Decade Eagles team


Defensive tackle: Fletcher Cox & Bennie Logan

Fletcher Cox is a generational talent and will forever be underrated thanks to the existence of Aaron Donald. He’s a five-time Pro Bowler already and has been on the team for eight years now, garnering an astonishing 48.5 sacks in that span, the most ever by an Eagles defensive tackle.

If we partner that with the run-stuffing monster that was Bennie Logan, I think that would make for a truly dominant partnership in the Jim Schwartz scheme.

Defensive end: Trent Cole & Brandon Graham

The eyes of Trent Cole still give me nightmares. His 38.5 sacks with the Eagles this decade don’t do him justice. Cole was an absolute monster, whose 85.5 sacks as an Eagle are second only to Reggie White.

As for Brandon Graham, he’s the only player not named Jason Peters to have spent the entire decade in Philly. He’s seen some ups and downs, a Super Bowl ring and of course has 50 sacks to his name and one of the most iconic plays in franchise history. Featuring anyone else on this list would almost be criminal.

Linebackers: Connor Barwin, DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks

Jordan Hicks almost made this list, but Simba only bows to Mufasa. These three all had glowing stints in Philadelphia.

DeMeco Ryans never made the Pro Bowl, but he was healthy and set the tone for the defense. A real defensive leader, Mufasa was a stout run defender and a great force over the middle.

Connor Barwin needs no introduction really. 14.5 sacks in 2014? That should be enough to get on this team alone, forget the fact he survived a positional switch and ruthlessness as a blitzer. Barwin was a player synonymous with everything Philadelphia stood for.

As for Mychal Kendricks, he manned the OLB spot for around five years or so and enjoyed one of the best preseason statements in recent memory. We stan, Mychal, we stan. He also had 14 sacks, 3 picks, 6 forced fumbles and helped the Eagles win a ring.

Cornerbacks: Asante Samuel, Brandon Boykin, Patrick Robinson

Ugh, this hurt my head.

It’s actually mad how Asante Samuel still makes this team despite playing 25 games during a ten-year window. The man was an incredible talent and a certified hall of famer, and his 23 interceptions during three years (one just outside of the decade mark) would be a blessing to a defense that produces less turnovers than a closed down bakery. Samuel’s a three-time Pro Bowler and easily makes this list.

Brandon Boykin. 17 pass defenses in a single season. 6 picks the year before? Sign me up. It was such a shame to see career cut short, but oh, what could’ve been. Boykin easily makes the cut here.

I get that Jalen Mills has done a lot for this team, but if I’m picking a slot cornerback, I’m willing to go all-in on one of the best stories imaginable. Patrick Robinson’s 2017 season started off with an awful training camp where he was only bumped into the nickel thanks to the trade for Ronald Darby. That was where Robinson shined, and where he would shine all year long for the Eagles in the best single-season performance by any Eagles corner since Asante Samuel. Fight me.

Safeties: Malcolm Jenkins & Rodney McLeod

Jenkins is one of the best Safeties in Eagles history, period. His three-pro bowls don’t do his play justice and believe it or not, he’s STILL never missed a single game. Not one. 11 INT’s, 5.5 sacks and 31 TFL still don’t ring true just how impressive Jenkins has been, gluing a secondary together that has looked destined to fall apart for years now.

McLeod will never get the praise he deserves. His 2018 season started off so sensually, it’s horrible that an injury ruined it. He’s been about as stable as you could ask since joining the secondary in 2016 and had a great game in Super Bowl 52.

Special teamers: Jake Elliott, Cameron Johnston, Jon Dorenbos

The Eagles have a franchise kicker. This is not a drill. The iconic 61-yard winner against the Giants, a dazzling Super Bowl, and the hottest start to a season by any kicker in Eagles history have earned Elliott a new deal and a place in this list.

Donnie Jones vs Cameron Johnston. One pulls on your heartstrings, the other plunges punts inside the 20, saving the Eagles from utter embarrassment on a weekly basis. Cameron and his Iron Leg actually hold the NFL record for highest career punting average…so, sorry Donnie, but this one goes to the man who has literally been one of the teams most valuable assets over the last two years.

Oh, and Jon Dorenbos. Because he’s the most lovable human ever and a two-time Pro Bowler. All. Time. Great.

I’m sure many of you disagree with this, so please let me know your selections in the comments! And more than anything, have a happy new year!

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