Know your Eagles enemy: The Dallas Cowboys (part two)



The Eagles and Cowboys played their first game against each other in 1960. Fast forward 59 years, and the Cowboys lead the all time regular season series 66-51-0. The two have also played four postseason games against each other, with the Cowboys leading that series 3-1. The Eagles are 2-5 against the Cowboys in the Doug Pederson era, and 8-13 against the Cowboys in the Jason Garrett era.


Wentz and his band of misfit toys put on a show last week against the Redskins. With those same “rejects” back for another week on the first team offense, they’ll have another shot to show the world that they belong in the NFL. Practice squad busts, draft busts, the story lines are there for fans and media to put them down. With the opportunity there for Wentz to continue his revenge tour of 2019, look for the fourth year quarterback to show he was worth every penny of that contract extension and set up a “win and in” in week 17. Eagles win 31-28.

Stat line predictions

  • Wentz: 31/44 307 yards 3 touchdowns (including GW with less than a minute to go)
  • Sanders: 16 rushes 90 yards one touchdown
  • Scott: 8 rushes 36 yards, 4 receptions 40 yards
  • Ward: 7 receptions 60 yards 1 touchdown
  • Ertz: 12 receptions 111 yards 1 touchdown
  • JJAW: 2 receptions 30 yards, recipient of that game winning pass (I BELIEVE)
  • Defense: 4 sacks, forced fumble
  • LeBlanc: INT

Last week’s stat predictions (with actual stats in parenthesis)


  • Wentz: 24/33 260 yards 2 touchdowns (30/43 266 yards 3 touchdowns)
  • Sanders 110 yards from scrimmage to break DeSean Jackson’s rookie record. Also one receiving touchdown (172 yards from scrimmage, one rushing TD and one receiving TD)
  • Scott: 8 rushes 47 yards 1 touchdown (6 rushes 26 yards)
  • Robert Davis: wide receiver reverse for rushing touchdown (nah)
  • Arcega-Whiteside: 3 receptions 40 yards 1 touchdown (sorry)
  • Defensive line: 8 total sacks (only sack came from Maddox)
  • LeBlanc: INT (sorry again)

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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