2020 Fusion Roster Has Been Announced

Screenshot 2019-11-02 at 18.32.00

Yes, the Fusion played the entire league fanbase when they announced the departure of DPS player Eqo to just bring him back a week later. This is a brilliant move that everyone loves in the Fusion fanbase. Eqo has been a fantastic player and servant for the Fusion in the past 2 years and it would have been a hard pill to swallow if they had have released him for real. Our DPS stable may not be the most well-known in the league but it’s filled with a lot of experience and potential.  

That does it for the 2020 roster unless some major move is made by another team or a trade happens. In my opinion, the Fusion roster is really strong, they have the perfect mixture of experience and high-end potential. This is going to be a really fun season to follow the Fusion and all you PSN readers have me to thank for bringing this great competition to your life, unless we fail miserably and by then I’ll be living in a cave in Uzbekistan hoping you’ve all forgotten about me, the weird gaming nerd who think esports is a real sport! (I really am bullying myself at this point, huh).