Know your Eagles enemy: The Minnesota Vikings



The Eagles and Vikings have faced each other 24 times in the regular season and four times in the post season. The Vikings lead the regular season series 14-10, while the Eagles lead the postseason series 4-0. The last regular season match up was last year, with the Vikings winning 23-21. The last post season match up was January 21, 2018, with the Eagles winning 38-7. I know I wrote this on the previous page, but it’s fun to write it again.


This game will be the first of three straight on the road, and will be a huge test for Carson Wentz against the great Minnesota defense. I do not expect much offense from either side, but I do expect the Eagles to win. Eagles 17 Vikings 10. 

Stat line predictions:

  • Wentz: 17/23 190 yards with one touchdown
  • Howard: 15 rushes for 53 yards
  • Sanders: 10 rushes for 39 yards and one touchdown
  • Jeffery: Six receptions for 50 yards
  • Ertz: Five receptions for 40 yards
  • Hollins: One reception for 30 yards and one touchdown
  • Cox: One sack
  • Barnett: One sack
  • Graham: Two sacks
  • Scandrick: Int
  • Douglas: Int

Last week’s predictions (with actual game stats in parenthesis):

  • Wentz: 31/38 400 yards 4 touchdowns (17/29 for 189 yards and one touchdown)
  • Howard: 14 rushes for 60 yards (13 rushes for 62 yards and one touchdown)
  • Sanders: 12 rushes for 55 yards, first career touchdown (nine rushes for 15 yards)
  • Sproles: 35 all purpose yards (moves into top five on all time list) (32 all purpose yards – moved into top five)
  • Jeffery: 6 receptions for 89 yards and 2 touchdowns (six receptions for 52 yards)
  • Agholor: 7 receptions for 110 yards and one touchdown (one reception for 20 yards)
  • Ertz: 7 receptions for 90 yards and one touchdown (five receptions for 57 yards and one touchdown)
  • Graham: sack (three sacks)
  • Cox: two sacks (nope)
  • Barnett: two sacks (one sack)
  • McLeod: Int (yes!)

Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports