Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Forecasting the cap for 2020 & 2021

Let’s go Flyers duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, Let’s go Flyers duh-duh-duh-duh-duh. We’re almost there Flyers fans. In less than a month Rookie Camp, and Training Camp begins. Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

Talks with both players have stalled due to the market, and talks with the Provorov camp haven’t been going well for the past month anyway. The Flyers and Konecny were talking last week, but now they have stalled, according to Brent Flahr. I remain hopeful that both players will re-sign before training camp begins, and look for Konecny to re-sign by the end of the month. Provorov will sign right before Camp begins (hopefully), as Zach Werenski and Charlie McAvoy are comparables to Provorov. Moreover, it looks like they are waiting for each other to re-sign first, so it becomes a case of who will budge first. I do however believe Provorov will re-sign a few days before camp begins.

Talks with Provorov haven’t gone well for the past month. The Flyers and Provorov have not talked at all this past month. However, Brent Flahr remains optimistic that Provorov will re-sign before camp begins.

The Flyers are handcuffed by the Provorov situation, that they cannot move a defenseman at this time, in the event Provorov holds out. Even though, I believe Provorov will re-sign, it’s still a gamble to trade a defenseman with him not under contract yet.

Sean Couturier is such a great player, and a class act for the city of Philadelphia. The guy gives his all on a nightly basis, and he deserves more respect throughout the NHL. Back to back 30 goal seasons, and back-to-back Selke candidate seasons. Yet, somehow he is left off the Top 20 Centers list, according to NHL Network. All I can say is wow…R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Out of all the young prospects that will try to crack the lineup this fall. I believe Joel Farabee will win a spot in the end. Farabee will blow the doors off training camp, and the Flyers will use him for a nine-game tryout. Moreover, Farabee is slide rule eligible, meaning he cannot play in more than 10 NHL games this season, in order for the Flyers to not burn a year off his ELC. The Flyers could send Farabee to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms before his 10th game for the rest of the season to preserve a year of his ELC.

The Flyers are very high on both Felix Sandstrom and Kirill Usitmenko. Even though, Ustimenko will more than likely make a good impression at camp. He is likely to be shifted to the ECHL, and start his career by playing with the Reading Royals.

With that being said, Sandstrom figures to be the guy between the pipes for the Phantoms. However, at least to start we would have to assume that Alex Lyon will carry some of the load early for the Phantoms, with Sandstrom getting some starts. Fletcher did say he wants to give Sandstrom as much playing time as possible. Let’s not forget about the newly acquired Jean-Francois Berube. He will get some spot starts, as well.

In the event of injury to either Carter Hart or Brian Elliott. The first call-up, in my opinion, is Berube. Berube has NHL experience, and I think Fletcher would like Lyon to mentor Sandstrom. Lyon knows the Phantoms very well, so I would think he is a better fit to aide Sandstrom. The Flyers will likely keep Sandstrom with the Phantoms for the entire season, and that may be one main reason they acquired Berube.

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4 thoughts on “Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Forecasting the cap for 2020 & 2021

  1. Darren, calm down. Ivan Provorov is an outstanding defenseman, the best defenseman the Flyers have ever drafted. He plays way too many minutes, but that’s because he’s on the ice when every team’s best line is on the ice. Provorov is also young to be a top pairing defenseman, but he does a great job shutting down great players. Does he make mistakes? Sure he does, but all great defensemen do. A lot of Provorov’s mistakes are amplified by the crazy goaltending situation the Flyers have had behind him. Even Carter Hart, being a rookie, put extra pressure on the Flyer defense to protect Hart. If Provorov were compared to say Zack Warenski,, the defenseman drafted one pick later than Provorov, you would see that Columbus had a great goaltender, a more defensive minded group of forwards and a solid defense. Thus, Warenski is considered better than Provorov. If Provorov had been with Columbus and Warenski with the Flyers, it is pretty obvious Provorov would have been considered far better than Warenski. Just having a goalie like Sergei Bobrovski in net made the defense look great at times in Columbus.

    So, I’m sticking with Ivan Provorov. It can take 5/6 years for a defensemen to become all star caliber defenseman and Provorov is way ahead of the curve. Be patient. Not only is he talented, but he bleeds Flyer’s orange and black when things don’t go well. Let’s hope he stays here for the next decade.

  2. We have an abundance of young dmen trade provorov before a huge mistake of signing him is made should be able to get a great return for him gm has got to show he has the intestinal fortitude to do what’s best for the team

  3. Pro prob has had 3 years in the league should be blowing the doors off competition but he’s not even close to being good enough for huge contract cut ties let him go

  4. Trade provorov unless he take under 5 million comparing him to macovoy is crazy nothing near as good send him to the jets for Laine or oilers for RNH or Vancouver for bosser he doesn’t want to be in philly so get him out we got rid of amac we don’t need to make the same mistake again

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