The 2010 Phillies almost featured a rotation with 2 Hall of Famers


What 2010 might have looked like

In our reimagining of 2010 with Pedro Martinez, let’s assume 3 things.

  1. The Phillies trade away Cliff Lee and trade for Roy Halladay
  2. Pedro remains healthy for the majority of 2010
  3. The Phillies still win the division and face the Giants in the NLCS

Our first big question comes to, who does Pedro replace, Joe Blanton or Kyle Kendrick? Joe Blanton had a quality 2009, going 12-8 with a 4.05 ERA.

Kyle Kendrick wasn’t bad in 2009, but did spend most of his time in AAA. In the time he did see major league action, Kendrick came out of the bullpen 7/9 appearances, mostly as the long man.

So, most likely, Kyle Kendrick would be pushed from the rotation and sent to the bullpen. He would become backup for Pedro Martinez if he would need a rest or if he got lit up.

How would Pedro look in place of Kendrick? Kendrick’s first 2 starts in 2010 came against the Washington Nationals, a team that ultimately won only 69 games. In those 2 starts, Kendrick went 5.2 IP with 11 ER allowed.

The Phillies lost the first game 5-6 and won the second game 14-7. With Pedro pitching in that first game, the Phillies most certainly gain a win.

Let’s say that Pedro Martinez adds 3 wins in place of Kyle Kendrick. That would put the already 97-win 2010 Phillies at exactly 100 wins on the season.

The Phillies would still face the Reds in the NLDS. Roy Halladay would most likely still dominate the Reds in his first postseason game.

The Phillies would still have a date with destiny with the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS, except the rotation would be changed.

In 2009, Joe Blanton wasn’t good in the postseason. In 15.2 IP, Blanton allowed 10 ER. Pedro Martinez would take over for him in the 2010 playoffs.

Joe Blanton had one start in the 2010 postseason against the Giants in game 4 of the NLCS. His start was lackluster, only lasting 4.2 IP giving up 3 ER.

Let’s say Pedro Martinez would give up the same 3 ER, but over 6 innings. That would be a repeat performance of 2009 World Series game 2.

Going 6 innings would mean Chad Durbin wouldn’t have given up 2 runs in the 6th inning. Roy Oswalt would most likely not pitch the 9th inning where he gave up a run. Phillies win game 4. Series is tied 2-2.

Game 7 would be played in Philadelphia. The Phillies would have to options on who to start. Cole Hamels would be on a full 5-days rest and Roy Halladay would be on 3-days rest.

Probably Cole Hamels would be tagged as the starter and Roy Halladay could come out of the bullpen. Matt Cain would be the Giants pitcher of choice.

Winning the series would be down to a flip of a coin by fate itself.

IF fate would have favored the Phillies, a potential World Series matchup with the Texas Rangers could have been interesting. The Phillies big pitchers would face off against the powerful Texas offense.

Who would win?

Well only God could know.

Photo credit: Mike Segar: Reuters

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