Everything you need to know about Eagles rookie minicamp


Why minicamp is important

Pederson also told reporters why Minicamp is important. For many of these players, it’s a chance to audition for a bigger-picture role.

The roster may be full now, but injuries can transform the entire course of a season. Players invited to minicamps have often had previous contact with the teams and in some cases have even been contacted with the potential to be drafted in the seventh round before the round opened.

Teams want players they’re familiar with and if a freak injury takes a player out of action, knowing these players are on speed-dial, are familiar with the coaching staff, scheme, and teammates is often a luxury that many struggle to find. Even if those working out don’t catch onto the 90-man roster, to begin with, there’s a good chance that some of those names will continue to re-emerge as the year progresses.

When asked what he tells the 27 trying out for the team this weekend, the Eagles Head Coach had this to say.

“They’re not only competing for this team, but there are 31 other team. A lot of guys the past couple weekends have been a part of at least two rookie minicamps.

I think for us it’s a great way to — guys that were not drafted but yet on your board, to get them now in here this weekend and really watch them, get them in the meetings, get them with their position coaches, and then watch them run around for these next three days. You never know.

We have found in my past that there is a guy or two that end up making your roster for training camp, the 90 man, and that’s what you’re hoping to get out of this weekend.”

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports