How does the drafting of Miles Sanders impact the Eagles backfield?


Corey Clement

Morgan Burkett posted this article just last week positioning a potential resurgence for Corey Clement and it’s hard to disagree.

Projected (16g)41.652.8395.20144596.84.8
Projected (11g)28.636.3271.7099410.33.3
Actual (11g)22251920682592

Above show what Clement was predicted to tally and what he actually accumulated. To paraphrase some of Morgan’s in-depth investigation:

“Whether by injury, under-preparedness or a fall back to reality, it is reasonable to believe the drop in production illuminates what is possibly a larger in-house issue. The second state of mind is to focus on Clement’s slump within the context of the entire Eagles offense. Last year’s iteration of the Doug Pederson offense was nowhere near as efficient as the previous year and wore many masks as the team clambered to find an identity that would lead them back into the playoffs. For the soon-to-be third-year back, the reality is likely a result of both phenomena.”

Clement will now have a full offseason to recover from the injuries that plagued his sophomore campaign, perhaps one that was inflated after the Super Bowl win…but he’s now facing a head-to-head battle with Wendell Smallwood.

The Jordan Howard trade may have already put the writing on the wall for Josh Adams, who actually led the team in rushing last year with 511 yards. Adams and Howard run in very similar veins and that could effectively put the Notre Dame product on the backburner now that Sanders is in the fold.

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