2019 Eagles Season Predictions and Pre-Draft Notes


Week 1; Washington Redskins; 1-0:
I have only noticed improvements on the receiving group, running back group, and defensive line for the Philadelphia Eagles. With players returning off of injury this year that were out last year, our fans understand that the Eagles are not nearly as wounded as they were in the middle of the 2018 season and down the stretch.

In fact, even when the Eagles seemed vulnerable, they were able to easily handle the Washington Redskins on both occasions last season. With Carson Wentz having a higher probability of getting his repetitions in training camp with the starters, I think we will be watching the needed resurrection of the “Dutch Destroyer.” DeSean Jackson will be fresh in the first week against a team he has a history with not only as a teammate, but as a rival.

Week 2; at Atlanta Falcons; 2-0:
Looking at both of these teams, the Atlanta Falcons seem to have more holes in team needs than the Philadelphia Eagles currently. Last season, the Eagles won an early-season showdown with Nick Foles starting behind center against the Falcons, but it wasn’t necessarily a convincing win. But the Falcons do play the Eagles tough every time.

In fact, the year before in 2017, the Eagles won with Foles starting at quarterback in the playoffs en route to winning Superbowl 52. The last time Carson Wentz was the starting quarterback against the Falcons, the Eagles were victorious. Usually, these two teams do display a high octane offense, so it will come down to which defense shows up. I believe the Eagles have that edge. Covering Julio Jones will be the heavy task at hand, but the Eagles have depth at cornerback after watching last year and help at safety.

Week 3; Detroit Lions; 3-0:
The Detroit Lions are a team that can sneak up on anyone at anytime. For example, the Lions beat the Patriots last season, a season that ended with the Patriots winning another Superbowl. The only way that the Philadelphia Eagles lose this game is if they lose the turnover battle and play down to the Lions ability. That happened in Carson Wentz’s rookie year when Ryan Mathews fumbled the ball as the Eagles were in prime position to kick a game winning field goal. However, we all know that this is an upgraded team since then and Wentz has more experience to his game. I think that the Eagles defensive line will gain momentum against the Lions and the Eagles will officially be on a winning streak.

Week 4; at Green Bay Packers; 3-1:
First and foremost, I think the Philadelphia Eagles certainly have the talent available to defeat the Green Bay Packers, but it will be a close game and Aaron Rodgers just has a knack of pulling off wins when you think you have him where you want him.

The most recent evidence of this was early last season as the Packers defeated the Chicago Bears after making a memorable comeback. Rodgers seemed to be injured enough where many thought he would be out for the game, only to return and make key plays to find a way to win. Following the win, when asked what was the injury, Rodgers stated “my knee,” which became a meme-worthy sound bite in sports. I also believe that DaVante Adams is a top five wide receiver in the league.

The secondary is a spot that needs improvement on the Eagles defense along with parts of the linebacker group. This could be a close game, but I have the Packers winning this one and the Eagles taking their first loss of the season.

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