Instant analysis: Eagles unveil deceptively difficult 2019 schedule


GAMES 10-13

Week 10: BYE
Week 11: Vs New England Patriots
Week 12: Vs Seattle Seahawks
Week 13: @ Miami Dolphins

A sigh of relief here as the Eagles start things off with a Bye before facing the reigning Super Bowl Champions. We never got to see Carson Wentz vs Tom Brady, but in this Super Bowl 52 rematch, we may finally be granted that spectacle. The Eagles have shocked the Patriots before, twice now in recent memory. Whether it’s Super Bowl 52 or Sam Bradford’s resurgence in 2015, the Birds simply seem to have Belichick’s number.

They’d better hope so, too. Schotty’s Seattle offense that is somehow even less stable than Philadelphia’s has just penned Russell Wilson to a very deserved long-term extension. If Pete Carroll and the Seahawks front office can draft well and find a way to balance the run-game, this is yet another matchup that will bode well for highlights. The last time these teams clashed, Carson Wentz dazzled with one of the most ridiculous throws I’ve ever seen. But with these two perennial NFC contenders locking horns once more with just over a quarter of the season remaining, a win is vital.

Oh, then the Eagles take a Summer Vacation in the Winter and face whatever is left of that Miami Dolphins team, Hooray!

GAMES 14-17

Week 14: Vs New York Giants
Week 15: @ Washington Redskins
Week 16: Vs Dallas Cowboys
Week 17: @ New York Giants

And it all comes down to this. FOUR back-to-back divisional games. It doesn’t get much more intense than that. Regardless of how good or bad the season has gone up to this point, it can either be salvaged or ruined with these four matchups. A pair of games against the Giants and another clash each with the Redskins and Cowboys will make for a rollercoaster, that’s for sure.

It’s so, so important that the Eagles get a full head of steam behind them going into these games…but if they drop a game to Seattle or New England, there’s only so fast that Train will go.

This is not an easy schedule by any means. Long road slogs, dangerous contenders, and a string of four divisional games to close it all out. Buckle up, Eagles fans…we’ve been here

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