The 2019 Eagles Draft Encyclopedia: Cornerback Edition


Final Analysis

Will the Eagles Draft a Corner? Good question. I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here. Spending a first-round selection on a corner feels like a miss in my humble opinion, but if BPA happens to be a corner (likely Murphy or Baker) then I’m all for it. The reality is, corners simply take a back seat to the defensive line in Jim Schwartz’ defense. All things being equal, if there is a corner and a defensive lineman available, expect Howie to turn his attention to the big men in the trenches. If the Eagles are to spend resources on the secondary it’s more likely to be a safety than corner.

What Round? It’s a shame the Eagles don’t have a third-round selection. It seems to be the perfect place to pick up a corner in this class of prospects. There are certainly teams who have a dire need for a top class cover man, but most franchises will be content to pick clean the bones of the first two rounds. With a third-round selection, the Eagles could add their name to that list. As it stands, Philly will have to hope a top corner falls in the second round or wait until the 4th or 5th round to pick up a corner. The latter seems more likely to me seeing how smitten the front office seems with their young band of defensive backs. It’s still a possibility the Birds don’t take any corners at all. More young options with a lot to learn isn’t exactly what the team needs at this point in time. If they feel light going into the summer, they could easily add one of the veteran corners still on the market. I think they feel their current starters (Mills, Darby, Maddox) are fairly entrenched.