It’s time we reintroduced Eagles fans to the ‘real’ Carson Wentz


Debunking the “favoritism” myth

Everyone likes to say that Wentz threw the ball to tight end Zach Ertz way too much.  SO take a look at this:

Ertz tied a season-high of targets with 16 when they played the Texans in week 16, with Foles at quarterback.  Next closest?  Nelson Agholor with seven.

But Alshon Jeffery played SO MUCH better with Foles!

Sure that might look true to you, but the targets were still there for Jeffery when Wentz was the quarterback.

With Wentz at quarterback, Jeffery was targeted 7.4 times per game.  With Foles?  Seven times.

Golden Tate was a no show with Wentz!  Foles got him the ball more!

Tate’s targets with Wentz: six

Tate’s targets with Foles: 5.4

There is absolutely no denying what Foles has done for the franchise.  The first Super Bowl win in franchise history, and a very improbable run in this year’s playoffs to try and repeat.

But to say that this franchise is going in the wrong direction with Wentz at quarterback is to completely disregard all the facts that have been laid out in front of you.  Wentz is a special talent and we are in phenomenal hands with him under center.

The future is bright Eagles fans, and make sure you don’t jump off the Wentz Wagon.  Here are some more notes* on him:

  • The only quarterback in NFL history to have 70 or more touchdowns and less than 30 interceptions through the first three years of a career.  He is at 70 touchdowns and 28 interceptions.
  • He is one of nine quarterbacks to have 70 or more touchdowns in their first three seasons.  He is one of two (Russell Wilson) quarterbacks to have less than 30 interceptions in that same span.
  • He had a streak of 21 straight games of a passer rating of 83 or more, which ended against New Orleans this year.  Only other players to have more: Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers.
  • After the Jaguars game, he became the second quarterback in NFL history to have four straight games of a passer rating of 115 or more with 30 or more passing attempts, joining Peyton Manning.
  • Wentz started this season with seven straight games of one or more touchdowns and one or zero interceptions.  Only Drew Brees has ever had such a streak.

I could keep going with these remarkable stats, but there shouldn’t be any more need to.  Carson Wentz is and will be the Eagles starting quarterback for 2019 and years to come.

*Stats obtained from Pro-Football-Reference


Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sport