PointsBet are offering users an exciting new risk-free way to bet


As sports bettors around the country prepare for March Madness, PointsBet are offering an exciting new promo offer that’s unlike many of the others we commonly see. If you sign up to an account using this link, you’ll receive not one, but TWO bonuses. A free bet refund up to $500, and a free PointsBetting refund up to $1,500.

What is PointsBetting

It’s important to differentiate the two, and that’s where the fun begins.

PointsBet isn’t like your run-of-the-mill sportsbook. The company clearly understands that the market is very quickly becoming saturated with competition thanks to the emerging legality and popularity of Sports Betting in America. Their approach takes this into account and offers users a very different way to bet.

PointsBetting, the staple of PointsBet, is an entirely new way to bet prop markets. For instance, instead of betting $50 on a player to score more than 20 points and doubling your money, PointsBetting gives users a more volatile and exciting idea. If you were to place $10 on a player to score over 20 points, you’d receive $10 for every point OVER 20 that he scores. If he ends on 25, that’s $50. BUT if the player scored 15 points, you’d LOSE $50. The nature of this makes for high-risk, high-reward plays that can see users make up to 500x their bet.

Imagine betting on a random bench player to have a breakout game and an injury to a starter forces him into the spotlight. You took a total of 6 points and he drops 28. That would be a win of $220 off of a $10 stake.

As part of this promotion, PointsBet is giving users a free bet refund up to $1,500, meaning that you can get really aggressive with the stake on the first bet if you choose to, knowing the stake will be refunded if the bet loses.

How to claim this offer

  1. Visit the link here or download the app from the relevant store (App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android)
  2. Complete the registration process and provide all the required details including name, age (must be older than 21), and address.
  3. Deposit at least $5 into your new PointsBet account using any of the listed deposit methods.
  4. Make your first fixed-odds & PointsBetting bets!

About PointsBet


The Sportsbook was founded in 2017 and is most commonly known for its endorsement from Sixers legend Allen Iverson. He’s not the only former star athlete to get behind the product, as Drew Brees, Shaq, and even Darrelle Revis have also promoted PointsBet.

They’ve also been partly acquired by NBC Sports, which is absolutely huge from a user-engagement perspective as they can include exclusive in-app live streams of certain events as they hold the broadcasting rights. This also means that PointsBet is the exclusive provider for betting odds and data across all NBC sports networks

As mentioned above, the big draw here is ‘PointsBetting’ which is an entirely unique way to bet. Sure, some sportsbooks offers same-game parlays, but this offers a totally different level of immersion to the event, because every single point matters.

With immersion in mind, PointsBet also offers a ‘name your bet’ parlay, where you can essentially build your own same-game parlay like you can with other sportsbooks. The nice thing here is that this can be as cautious or aggressive as you want and there aren’t really any limits as to what can and can’t be included, whereas this feature elsewhere can often be seen as ‘on rails’.

The app and site itself carry a very appealing red and black color scheme that has clearly been built with simplicity in mind. There is a handy dropdown menu containing all the information you could need to know about which sports and games are on offer. The app has official partnerships with a lot of Rugby leagues, and even the AFL thanks to its heavy Australia presence.

Its simplicity can also be seen as a slight drawback though. While there are links to a casino page, the homepage itself is pretty barebones. Other sportsbooks are simple and easy to navigate, whereas this at times can feel almost a little too stripped back. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a walk in the park. It’s very much the Apple to Windows, if you will.

Deposit methods

Like all good sportsbooks, PointsBet does offer a wide variety of deposit methods:

  • ACH/eCheck.
  • Cash.
  • Credit/Debit Card.
  • Online Banking.
  • PayNearMe.
  • PayPal.
  • PointsBet MasterCard

PayPal was previously not supported and while Venmo isn’t yet an option, it is nice to see the use of online wallets as they allow for less hassle, getting you into the action quicker, and often your winnings faster.

Withdrawals take between 1-3 business days from the time the transaction has been processed.

Brick and Mortar

Unlike FanDuel and DraftKings, PointsBet doesn’t have any physical casinos to coincide with the online sportsbook. However, if you go to any TopGolf in New Jersey, there are PointsBet branded bars which promotes interactions and encourage a more digital form of entertainment. It’s probably the perfect combination. Golf mini-games at a driving range, a few drinks, and bets with friends. It’s easy to see the correlation.


PointsBet claim to be the fastest-growing sportsbook in America and it’s hard to dispute that claim. With a focus on bringing a different way of betting to the table, they continue to build out in that direction by partnering with familiar faces, familiar brands, and appealing to a younger demographic.

At the very least, it’s worth exploring the app thanks to a really exciting risk-free sign-up offer. At best, you’ll never look at sports betting the same way again.