Tortorella and Briere on the same page for Flyers rebuild

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Flyers' John Tortorella
PHILADELPHIA, PA – NOVEMBER 08: Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella looks on during the game between the ST. Louis Blues and the Philadelphia Flyers on November 8, 2022 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA.(Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)

It’s been three days since the dust settled on former Philadelphia Flyers President of Hockey Operations and General Manager, Chuck Fletcher. He was relieved from his duties, putting Daniel Briere at the helm in the interim.

John Tortorella is in his corner, an ally for the rebuild. The process deals heavily with player development; both minds combine for infinite expertise. Tortorella mentioned time and time before how critical the AHL and the Lehigh Valley Phantoms are for experience and growth:

“He’s [Laperriere] done a terrific job. We’ve got some kids come up here; he did a terrific job with Yorkie. The kids that have come up here, and hopefully some more, they come up and play. They’re ready to play. He puts a lot of time into it, him and his staff, as far as teaching him what it is to be a pro.”

John Tortorella; 3/13/2023

He admitted the defense, a vital weakness of the Flyers lineup might develop more efficiently at the NHL level.

“I think players sometimes may not perform as well there [AHL] as they would in the National Hockey League, especially for defensemen. Positioning from your other teammates; just your concept as far as guys being in position for defensemen is so important to make it an easier job for them. There are a number of situations where you’re evaluating there, but he comes to the National Hockey League, [and] he’s a better player.”

John Tortorella; 3/13/2023

During his address to the media, Tortorella focused on the importance of recalls and talent evaluation of who could contribute to the Flyers. Together, Tortorella and Briere understand the work required while committing to a rebuild and rekindling the offense in Philadelphia:

“He’s [Briere] played the game. Danny and I have talked a lot on the weakest part of our organization, the offensive part of it. I’ve asked a number of questions of him with some of our guys as they’re struggling offensively. What does he see? I think we’ll see with Danny, he’s a deep thinker. I don’t think it’s reactionary. He’ll see things, and has the ability to transform back to what he was doing at that time as a player because he played in the league and was such a good player, to maybe understand a little bit better as we’re especially in the evaluation process to see how guys are moving along.”

John Tortorella; 3/13/2023

According to Tortorella, the organization is lucky to have Briere. He highlighted that throughout his press conference. The change of the guard is not likely to be a negative thing. Briere put in his time to understand the front office side of hockey but never stops searching for different angles to improve and learn:

“[It’s] a young man’s game in the business part of it [and] in the front office part of it. It depends on the maturity; your age is your number. He’s done his time, and really working at this part of it, he’s always thought about this part of the game. He’s done his time. The quality type person he is; just how humble he is, he wanted to learn. Danny has his convictions, he’s very strong that way, but he has the mindset that not only prior to him being named here, even now, he wants to learn. If you think you have all the answers and stop learning, that’s when you’re booted pretty quickly.”

John Tortorella; 3/13/2023

(Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire)