Doop Roundup 1/14/2022: Union announce preseason schedule, incoming transfer rumors

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We are 43 days away from the start of the 2022 MLS Season! There’s not much time left for teams to get things in order as all MLS teams are beginning their preseason. Philly is no exception! In this edition of Doop Roundup, we’ll take a look at the Union’s newly announced 2022 preseason schedule, as well as some rumors about players that could be coming to Philly!

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Doop Roundup 1/14/2022

The Union announced their preseason dates this week, and there has been no shortage of players rumored to be coming in to help the Union as they get ready for 2022. While time is quickly turning to the start of 2022, the Union still have a lot of planning to get done to be ready to come in and challenge for MLS Cup in 2022. That is the main goal, will they be able to hit it? The first bit of preparation will begin next week.

Union announce preseason schedule

On Monday, Jan. 17, the Union will open their preseason with an in-market training camp. Philadelphia will train for two full weeks and then head down to Florida on Feb. 1 for the three final weeks of the preseason to gear up for the start of 2022.

Philly will play three preseason friendlies, one each week while in Florida. The first is against many familiar faces in FC Cincinnati. The other two opponents are still yet to be determined. This shortened preseason is a five-week gauntlet for the players on the roster to win starting spots for the season opener. Feb. 26 is fast approaching, the Union now knows how they’ll prepare for Minnesota to kick off 2022! Could we see more new faces at this preseason camp?

Union II signing two Venezualan’s, and a Ghanian?

As preseason is getting prepared, the Union looks like they are could be signing three players to help fill out their roster. A pair of 20-year-old midfielders from Venezuala have been linked to Philly, while the Union has a log jam in midfield, these two players could come in and become players who get their shot to make the Union through playing with Union II at MLS Next Pro (the new MLS second division league.)

Will we see Maike Villero, and Juan Perdomo (a former teammate of Jesus Bueno at Deportive Lara) at the preseason training camp, and could they impress enough to make their way to the first team sooner rather than later?

Just this morning, there was a tweet put out by a friend of an agent linking a Ghanian player to Philadelphia. The rumor-filled tweet said that there was still some paperwork to complete, and didn’t mention the player’s name, but this sent Union Twitter into a frenzy trying to find who this mystery player could be.

After some digging, a few fans threw out the name Benjamin Tetteh as who the mystery player could be. As Todd Lewis of the Free Kick podcast put on Twitter, Tetteh shares the same agency as Kai Wagner, and Daniel Strahinov is the player’s agent. The only complication seems to be the player’s value; on Transfermrkt Tetteh is listed to have a 4-million-pound transfer value. That price seems a bit too high for the Union, especially since the striker doesn’t have a track record of scoring boatloads of goals. Could he soon be with the Union?

It would be amazing to see Philly sign more than one striker in an offseason, but this player doesn’t necessarily fit the description of even more rumors about Union striker targets.

Zach wrote about striker targets

Our boy Zach LoBasso wrote up an article on who the Union could be targeting at striker. Ernst Tanner did mention that Philly was looking for another forward to bring in. Earlier in the week, Union insider, Kevin Kinkead of Crossing Broad tweeted information that a source gave to him about a transfer target. This forward is from, or playing in Europe and is valued at at least $3.5 million.

The intent from the Union to spend money on the forward position is looking to be more and more of a possibility with this rumor. Zach takes a look at five players that could fit the qualifications that Kinkead’s source mentioned. Could any five of those players be on their way to Philadelphia for the upcoming preseason?

Listen/watch to El Parcero Philly and Justin on the latest Doop by the River Podcast

Last but not least, the Doop by the River gang discussed the rumors that are flying around in the latest episode of the podcast. Come for John and Justin’s talk about the possible move of Kai Wagner, and the rumors of an incoming striker, stay for Justin’s rant about Don Garber and the MLS SuperDraft! Here’s a rundown of the pod:

  • More Kai Wagner rumors
  • Talk about Kinkead’s source saying the Union are after a $3.5 million striker
  • 2022 MLS SuperDraft recap/Justin’s rant
  • MLS news & notes

It’s another fun episode of the pod, make sure to give it a listen or a watch!

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