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3 Trades For The Sixers To Send Ben Simmons To California

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Ben Simmons seemingly wants out of Philly. Not only that, but it seems like the controversial All-Star is trying to force the Sixers to send him Californi’ way.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Dumas, Ben Simmons has stopped all communication with just about everyone in the Sixers organization. Not only that, but Ben Simmons is interested in a trade, but seemingly only to the Golden State Warriors.

Trade Scenario #1: Simmons Gets His Wish

If Simmons wants to bolt from Philadelphia and head out “Californi’ way,” then let him. Daryl Morey just has to make sure he gets solid value back in return. The Sixers are unlikely to be able to trade Simmons for anyone they see to be both an immediate contributor and a long-term piece for the team, but that shouldn’t stop the Sixers from negotiating with Golden State Warriors.

While on the surface, Andrew Wiggins seems like the centerpiece of the trade, it’s really about the young players and draft picks the Sixers would be acquiring. Jonathan Kuminga was one of the most highly touted players entering the NBA draft, and Moses Moody was not far behind, yet they both fell to the Warriors at 7 and 14, respectively.

Typically a draft pick is more valuable than the player selected with that pick due to the added benefit that is the optionality before the pick is made. That isn’t completely the case with Kuminga and Moody, though, as both were considered draft-day steals. Those two paired with the Warriors’ two draft picks and any assets the Sixers would include would be enough to land a big fish the size of Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal.

The Sixers Trade Simmons To California,

But They Do Not Grant Him The Rank of Warrior

The Sixers could certainly give Simmons his wish and send him to the Golden State Warriors, or…

Word is that Simmons isn’t just interested in the Warriors, but he’s open to the “California teams” in a general sense. That is also per Jason Dumas, and if that is true, well, then Daryl Morey could very well find himself back on the phone with another California team.

Now no, Sacramento isn’t LA or San Fran, but if Simmons wants to go to California so bad, he may have to be a little loose on what part. The Kings clearly have interest in Simmons; it’s just a matter of the two teams agreeing on a price. Earlier this offseason, the Kings offered the Sixers a pitiful offer of Buddy Hield and Marvin Bagley for Simmons.

That offer was quickly rebuffed; add in Tyrese Haliburton and two first, and you have yourself a deal. The Sixers would be adding one of the top three-point shooters of all-time in Hield while securing a promising young guard in Haliburton. Throw in a young big in Bagley who could still bounce back, and two first-round picks would give the Sixers a solid return even if they do have to include Isaiah Joe in the deal.

Dame-Time At Long Last

There is a world, one where people live in harmony, and the Sixers, Warriors, and Blazers work out a three-team trade that lands Damian Lillard in Philly.

The pieces are there; it’s just up to the teams to figure this out. Damian Lillard clearly wants out of Portland, Neil Olshey clearly can’t build around Lillard, and the Warriors and Sixers interest in Simmons and Lillard, respectively, is equally obvious. It’s time the three teams just got this done. Send Simmons to Golden State for Wiggins, Wiseman, and two first-rounders that you move to Portland combined with Tyrese Maxey and more first-round picks, and you have a deal that Olshey would be foolish to turn down.

An opportunity for a win-win-win trade is hard to believe, but the Warriors land another star in Simmons, the Blazers have a chance to rebuild, and with a head-start, and the Sixers finally get their man in Damian Lillard. Ben Simmons wants to go to California? Sure, but not unless it truly benefits the Sixers.

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  • Billy packer says:

    Hahaha Simmons ain’t worth 4 players and warriors would be stupid to take that chance. Simmons needs to pull his head in and build a bridge. Swallow your pride and put the 6ers jersey on and prove to the nba your worth the millions that they gave u. Thats why the nba separates the boys from the men if u cant hack it don’t play im sure there are plenty of people that would kill to be in Simmons position right now

  • Mark Nickolas says:

    You Philly fans are nuts. Wiggins at least can make his 3s (38% last year) and free throws (71%), and showed solid defense last year. Simmons is certainly better, but not so much so that it requires Wiseman, Kuminga, Moody and two more first rounders to balance it. You are sadly delusional.

    • taylorrandy says:

      Stop it! I would love to see it happen. You must be board he is not going to be here this year. Nobody wants a trade for Ben. He is not really a all star he is akin to a choke artist!

      Come up small in the clutch!

  • Kenneth says: way philly gets 4 players for Ben.. He hasnt proven himself to be an asset greater than Wiggins. Straight up trade.

    Portland is the ream that should be asking for 4 to 6 players for Lillard.

    Ben at best is a good player like many other good players but not a top 25 player.

    Trey Young showed Ben weakness on defense. Luka a better player. I could go on but let me end there.

    Ben go prove me wrong.

  • Alex Ashton says:

    You guys in Philly are delusional about what Simmons is worth, and apparently so is he.

    • taylorrandy says:

      The writers in Philly nee to stop it! The sports writers are delusional here in Philly. We as fans knew two years into his career he was a six foot ten choke artist. He comes up small in the clutch! He has never won anything much help a team win a championship. Look at LSU record when he was there/

  • damon ford says:

    ben simmons is a child that needs to grow up n be a man. feelings hurt get over it. prove people wrong work harder get better make 70% free throws. he doesnt have the heart of a field mouse. this is from a fan that respects his game and appreciate what he does. not answering calls ignoring your captain whos man enough to reach out. the media has chased another great player out of philly. n if he did like embiids comment have a conversation like a man. young boy hiding behind a kardashian. great ball player weak person. get me DAME

  • R KRiley says:

    just NO to trade # 3. Dont want old man DL from Portland. In 2 years he will suck and Philly will have shot their load. JUST NO WAY

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