Former Flyers Prospect to Sign ELC With the Blackhawks

Former Philadelphia Flyers prospect, Wyatt Kalynuk, will reportedly sign an entry-level contract with the Chicago Blackhawks. As I speculated at the beginning of this month, the Blackhawks were a prime target to secure Kalynuk. A team that wouldn’t be playoff eligible without the 2020 bracket expansion signs a much-needed defenseman. It’s no doubt that Chicago does improve, but the sour taste is at the expense of the Flyers. The rhythm of the NHL offseason during the pandemic has disrupted the handling of Kalynuk as a prospect.

After his tenure at the University of Wisconsin, the Philadelphia Flyers had thirty days to sign Wyatt Kalynuk to an entry-level contract. While he was familiar with the Flyers, many surrounding teams were familiar with Kalynuk due to the proximity from his school to franchise hub cities. One of the NHL franchises that surround Wisconsin is the Chicago Blackhawks. The defensive depth in Philadelphia doesn’t do Kalynuk any favors in streamlining him to their NHL roster. It’s not surprising that the Blackhawks were a smooth fit for Kalynuk.

Last place in the standings of the NHL Central Division, the Chicago Blackhawks are aching for a prospect that can make an immediate impact. “Steady” isn’t accurate to describe the Blackhawks’ defense. Calvin de Haan isn’t the player that I would write home about when speaking of a true defenseman in Chicago during the 2019-2020 regular season. He was placed on long-term injured reserve by the Blackhawks. Other defensemen that caught the injury bug were Adam Boqvist and Brent Seabrook.

Due to those hurdles that the Chicago Blackhawks have recently faced on the defensive front, Wyatt Kalynuk has the opportunity to play straight away on an NHL roster. The Philadelphia Flyers didn’t sign Kalynuk because of a lack of trying, but because Kalynuk realized a better opportunity to play elsewhere. Kalynuk didn’t sign with the Los Angeles Kings either, where Ron Hextall is an advisor. It’s purely a career move by Kalynuk, and it’s worth praise for a competitor. He’ll join a former teammate and current prospect on the Blackhawks, Josh Ess.

Strengthening the blue-line is a top priority of the Chicago Blackhawks. The Philadelphia Flyers have solid depth at defense in their system. In the Flyers system are players like Egor Zamula, Cam York, Samuel Morin, Linus Hogberg, Mark Friedman, and Wyatte Wylie. That’s six other defensemen who aren’t permanent fixtures on Philadelphia’s NHL roster. While Kalynuk has all the potential to be a great player, the Flyers are anything but empty-handed.

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2 thoughts on “Former Flyers Prospect to Sign ELC With the Blackhawks

  1. In a little over a year, here are some of Chuck Fletcher deals so far:

    Signed Kevin Hayes for $7+M. Overpaid by $1 to 2M
    Traded Wayne Simmonds for Ryan Hartman and a 2020 4th round draft pick. Hartman lasted a month. Hartman was traded for Tyler Pitlick who may become a free agent at end of this season
    Traded a 2019 2nd round and a 2020 3rd round pick for one year of a 3rd pairing defenseman, Steve Braun. Braun will be a free agent at end of season.
    Traded Radko Gudas for Matt Niskanen plus paid $1M of Gudas salary. This was Fletcher’s best trade.
    Anthony Stolarz for Cam Talbot.
    Traded back in 2019 draft for a later first and a second round pick and chose Cam York, an undersized defenseman. Fletcher then used the 2nd round pick to move up in second round and take the extremely undersized Bobby Brink

    All in all, Fletcher has not done well in his trades. Matt Niskanen, his best acquisition, will be gone after next season. Fletcher has not gotten good value either, other than Niskanen. His draft picks are nothing like the great picks Ron Hextall made as Flyers GM. Fletcher is a throwback to the Paul Holmgren days when the Homer spent big money on free agents and drafted like a drunken sailor. Bob Clarke wasn’t much better than Holmgren while Hextall was only the Philly GM for 5 years, he built the Flyers for a number of runs at a Stanley Cup. Sadly, as Fletcher’s inability to judge young talent in the NHL Draft becomes apparent, the aflyers will return to being the mediocre team we saw under Clarke and Holmgren. How sad for Flyer fans.

    1. What does any of this have to do with Wyatt Kalynuk?

      Kevin Hayes is a top five scorer on the team, the best penalty-kill forward, and has been nothing short of clutch this season.

      Wayne Simmonds was traded at the right time. He hasn’t been productive since his time in Philadelphia. It’s a business and in a contract year, Simmonds wasn’t producing consistently and was hurt. He’s on his third team in as long as a season and a half. Tyler Pitlick has been trending upwards in comparison for $4mil less AAV.

      I don’t know who Steve Braun is, but Justin Braun has been a solid defenseman for the Flyers. One that has extensive playoff experience, which is important.

      Matt Niskanen for Radko Gudas was a no-brainer. Another good move from Chuck Fletcher.

      Anthony Stolarz hasn’t won on two different teams since leaving Philadelphia. Cam Talbot was a mentor to Carter Hart. That’s a proper development and leadership move from Fletcher that worked in the Flyers favor. Alex Lyon has been more effective than Stolarz at the NHL level.

      Cam York and Bobby Brink are young prospects with sky high potential.

      Thank you for outlining exactly why Chuck Fletcher is a good GM.

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