Eagles draft picks who became the cream of the crop: 2016


The draft is officially three days away! Three whole, long days! With that being said, it’s time for another installment in our ‘cream of the crop’ series. We’ve covered the drafts form 2009-2015 thus far and now it’s time for the draft that changes it all for the Eagles in the past decade.

After firing Chip Kelly, Jeffrey Lurie brought back the prodigal son, Howie Roseman, to right the ship for the franchise. Roseman came in firing at all cylinders to draft the team’s next QB.

The Eagles drafted Carson Wentz with the number 2 overall pick in the draft following a significant amount of trades to get there. After a rookie season filled with promise, Wentz led the team to an 11-2 record to put the Eagles in position for the number one seed in the NFC. The rest is history after Wentz tore his ACL against the Rams.A Super Bowl trophy would find its way to Philadelphia thanks to some Nick Foles magic in the playoffs, but it was Wentz who guided the team there to begin with.

It’s been a bumpy road for the Eagles Star ever since. He’s had to battle with the shadow of Nick Foles looming over him. 2018 was a year of struggle and yet more injury concern. It wasn’t until last season where Wentz led the team to the playoffs in his first healthy season since 2016. But he did so in absolutely euphoric fashion – dragging his band of broken soldiers over the line single-handedly.

The team finished 9-7 which was just enough to get them into the playoffs and host the Seattle Seahawks. Of course, that game ended early after Clowney brutally hit Wentz in the head but it was the season the world needed to see from the NDSU star. Wentz finished the 2019 season with 4,039 passing yards, 27 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, and a QB rating of 93.

The biggest accolade of the season wasn’t in the numbers though, instead, it was in the production he received from players that started the season on the practice squad. While the world marveled QBS who have star-caliber playmakers around them, Carson Wentz was making it happen with 2-3 active receivers, 2 running backs and a group experience level of just a few NFL games each.

With the draft just around the corner, the hope is that Wentz will get the playmaker he deserves. Until then, Wentz has been the cream of the crop and I can’t see chat changing anytime soon.

Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports