Seven-Round Eagles Mock Draft: Fan-vote edition


Instead of doing my own mock draft and have you all yell at me, I decided to put the fate of the Eagles’ draft in your hands (who am I kidding, I’ll still do a mock at some point).

All week I’ve been posting polls with scenarios and leaving the choices up to you. Thank you all for participating.

Let’s get down to business and fix the Eagles!

Aggressive move up?

It’s no secret that the Eagles need dynamic wide receivers. Well, sitting there at the 10th pick of the draft are CeeDee Lamb, Henry Ruggs, and Jerry Jeudy. The Browns have no intention of picking one of them, but the Jets (11th), Raiders (12th), and Colts (13th) might. Andrew Berry, former Eagles employee, tells Howie that it’ll take this year’s 1st, 2nd, first 4th round selection, and next year’s fifth to move up to 10 from 21. Did you decide to do the deal?

You told Berry “thanks, but no thanks” and decided to see how the board fell over the next few picks.

Make the move for speed?

Well, the next few picks went Lamb to Jets, Patrick Queen to Raiders, and Jeudy to Colts, leaving Henry Ruggs available at 14. With the Broncos (15th) also desperate for wide receiver help, it’s very possible Ruggs doesn’t drop down further than them. Bucs GM Jason Licht lets Howie know that he’ll have to give a similar deal to them like he did to the Broncos in 2010 to move up from 24 to 13 to select Brandon Graham. The proposal is this year’s 1st, and both of this year’s 3rd round picks (own and compensatory) to move to 14. Did you decide to make the move to add some 4.27 40 yard dash to the offense?

**Breaking: Eagles trade with Buccaneers to move up to the 14th overall pick to select WR Henry Ruggs III (Alabama)**

The Eagles get their guy. You decide that the risk wasn’t worth it and the Eagles needed to add some dynamic speed to the offense. Ruggs will come in and combine with DeSean Jackson to form a deadly duo on the outside. Will JJAW be enough for the slot? Will there be more wide receiver help on the way? Let’s take a look at round two and round thr.. wait. No third round picks! Maybe..

With the 53rd selection..

Time to pick in round 2! For this pick you had to decide which position to target:

You decided corner was the way to go. There were three names available worthy of that pick: A.J. Terrell, Trevon Diggs, and Noah Igbinoghene. But Howie’s phone starts ringing, it’s old friend Andy Reid. He and Chiefs’ GM Brett Veach are asking to swap 2nd round picks and they’ll throw in their 3rd rounder so they can move up for a corner they covet. Do you agree to the deal and recoup a 3rd round pick?

**Breaking: The Eagles have traded their 53rd overall selection to the Kansas City Chiefs for the 63rd overall and 96th overall selections**

You overwhelmingly decided to trade back in the draft to recoup a 3rd round pick. Chiefs decided to take Terrell with the pick the Eagles sent them, and now it’s time to go best player available at pick 63:

With the 63rd pick, the Eagles select WR Brandon Aiyuk

Double dip! The Eagles have gone back to back with the wide receiver selections and you decided that Carson needs weapons so bad that they should spend the first two selections on them. An arsenal of Jackson, Ruggs, Aiyuk, Ertz, Goedert, Sanders, and Scott will be very tough to defend. Add in a developed Arcega-Whiteside and this offense may score 35 points a game.

Back in the 3rd round!

Now that we’re back in the 3rd round, it’s time to decide where to go on defense. There are pressing needs at depth for the offensive line, but we have time for that. This defense needs an overhaul. Since you were going to go corner before the trade, do you stay to that position? Do you switch to edge rusher, linebacker, or safety? Let’s see what you chose!

With the 96th pick, the Eagles select LB Akeem Davis-Gaither

Called the “gem of the 2020 linebacker class” by USA Today’s Draft Wire, Davis-Gaither fits what Jim Schwartz likes in his linebackers: versatile. He can rush the passer, he can drop and cover, and he can finish tackles: something Eagles linebackers had trouble with in 2020.

He probably will not be healthy come draft time:

But he projects to be healthy with plenty of time to go before the season starts. You selected a stud.

Check out who you selected for all three fourth round selections on the next page below!

Triple threat 4th round

The Eagles have three picks in the fourth round, some serious depth can be had here. Let’s see where you went for the first 4th round pick:

With the 124th pick, the Eagles select S Brandon Jones

This was a close one, as Jones and Dillon were separated by one vote until the final hour. I must say, you fans undervalue Dillon and what his impact would mean as RB3, but I digress.

Brandon Jones missed the Senior Bowl and combine due to labrum surgery, but that didn’t stop him from impressing scouts.

Bleacher Report‘s Matt Miller: “Throughout my 10 years covering the draft, I’ve seen prospects do a lot to get ready for the NFL Scouting Combine, but what Texas safety Brandon Jones has done over the last eight weeks after having routine labrum surgery is unique.”

Jones studied all 32 teams’ defensive schemes and was able to break down every defensive play. He was tasked to play more nickel in 2019 and did so exceptionally, which he touts as the reason why he’d excel in the NFL.

A player of his knowledge of the game and his ability to impact the run game is comparable to Malcolm Jenkins. He’d be a great fit.

Now let’s see where you went with pick 140:

With the 140th pick, the Eagles select CB Lamar Jackson

This might have been you picking based on name and saying “the other Lamar Jackson worked out!” but this one is pretty damn good as well.

For those of you rejecting the idea of Byron Jones because of his lack of interceptions, Jackson gives you those, having five over his last two seasons.

For a tall corner, he can stay with receivers with ease:

He does have some tendencies no tracking the ball, but Marquand Manuel can help him out with that.


Now on to the final fourth round pick:

With the 146th pick, the Eagles select S Antoine Brooks Jr.

I guess it’s safe-ty say you wanted some depth at safety (ba-dum-tss).

My worry with this pick is having a player so similar to Brandon Jones and Malcolm Jenkins (should’ve picked Dillon!!!!!). But Brooks is a baller.

Tackling machine with 237 tackles in his four seasons (232 from 2017-2019), he also had four interceptions and 3.5 sacks. 

The Draft Network’s Kyle Crabbs projects him as a nickel linebacker/slot corner who may have trouble on deep coverage but can blitz the hell off the edge. He projects as a special teams ace too, something the Eagles thought they had in Mack Hollins (lol).

Now on to the two picks in the fifth round and the final selection in the sixth round which are listed on the page below.

We’re going back to back (almost)

The Eagles hold the 166th and 168th picks in the fifth round, so I asked you who’d you chose for 166th and I’d use the second place winner for the 168th pick, assuming he’d be there too (yeah I know what happens when you assume).

Let’s see the results:

With the 166th pick, the Eagles select LB Shaquille Quarterman

Another thumper in the middle of the linebacker corps, Quarterman can hit.

His coverage however, ehhhhhh.

He projects as a two down linebacker who can plug the holes created by the wide nine, something very valuable for the Eagles. Also, he can tackle. Something Eagles linebackers had a hard time doing in 2019.

With the 168th pick, the Eagles select EDGE D.J. Wonnum

A developmental edge rusher with some upside, Shareef Miller is that you?

Wonnum is projected to just be a rotational edge rusher at best, as he lacks a lot of pass rushing moves. His effort was never in question, he’ll give you 100% every snap.

His technique needs A LOT of work, but you are trusting Matt Burke to unleash his potential.

Ending the draft

It’s time to round out your 2020 draft class with the Eagles’ final selection in the draft. Who did you choose to be the final pick?

**With the 190th pick, the Eagles select IDL Benito Jones**

You overwhelmingly chose defensive tackle Benito Jones as the final pick of the draft.

I’m a big fan of Jones. He’s a big boy at 6’1″ 316 lbs. He can clog of the middle of a rushing attack, but his push rush skills are limited.

His arms aren’t too long, but his effort was on display at the combine. He ran a 5.36 40 yard dash at his mammoth size and displayed some nice footwork in the drills.

With some proper coaching, Jones could provide some valuable depth behind Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson.


  1. Trade up with Broncos and select Henry Ruggs III
  2. Trade down with Chiefs and select Brandon Aiyuk
  3. Akeem Davis-Gaither
  4. Brandon Jones, Lamar Jackson, Antoine Brooks Jr.
  5. Shaquille Quarterman and D.J. Wonnum
  6. Benito Jones

If this is the way the draft is going to go, I sure do hope the Eagles signed Byron Jones and another corner. Wide receiver is addressed in a big way so that may be a result of modest signings for that position. Offensive line depth is probably addressed in free agency also.

I would’ve selected A.J. Dillon over Brandon Jones or Sewo Olonilua over D.J. Wonnum, but this is your draft. I think Dillon or Olonilua would provide a monster of a RB3 and create a trio with Sanders and Scott that would wear down defenses every week.

Remember, you voted for this. Don’t yell at me if you don’t agree! (I know you will anyway)

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