How close are the Eagles to finalizing positional coaching hires?

The coaching carousel has been spinning at a dizzying speed in Philadelphia. Within just a matter of short breaths after the regular season came to an end, the team had three positional coach spots and an offensive coordinator role to fill. Now, on the weekend of Super Bowl 54, the team are seemingly no closer to achieving that goal, despite progress from numerous other teams in the same boat.

So what exactly is the latest on the hiring process? Here’s everything you need to know:

Defensive Line Coach

According to a source who has requested anonymity, the Eagles are intent on giving the reins to the defensive line over to Matt Burke. The Eagles parted ways with Phillip Daniels in a move that left many with confused looks on their face, and this move wouldn’t do much to change that.

Burke was hired as an ‘aide’ to Jim Schwartz last year. Prior to his rather shoddy tenure as a defensive coordinator in Miami, where his unit ranked near the bottom of the NFL in pretty much everything, he does have some interesting ties.

Way back when Jim Schwartz was the defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, the Super Bowl champion worked with Burke, who also signed with the team that season as a quality control coach. Burke remained with Tennessee throughout the reign of Jim Schwartz and eventually followed his coordinator to Detroit when he was hired as a Head Coach.

Burke was hired as a linebackers coach, helping names like Stephen Tulloch (for Eagles trivia purposes), DeAndre Levy, and Tahir Whitehead, harness their full potential.

After a year in the shadows, it appears as though Burke will get another shot at taking on a positional coaching role…at a position he’s never coached. There are definite question marks to be raised, but a lot of intrigue too. Clearly, the team must have confidence in his coaching ability if they’re going to hand him the responsibility of developing the position Schwartz covets most…and given how long he’s known the Eagles defensive coordinator, he knows exactly what will be asked of the position.

Wide receiver coach

This is where things get interesting. According to Tim McManus of ESPN, Aaron Moorhead is a name that’s being linked with the Eagles. Currently a wide receivers coach at Vanderbilt, he’s had three separate stints at the collegiate level. One with Texas Tech, and another with Auburn.

For context, here’s how the leading receiver fared in each team he’s positionally coached the receivers:

2019: Kalijah Lipscomb: 511 yards, 4 TD, 13 games
2018: Kalijah Lipscomb: 916 yards, 9 TD, 10 games
2017: Christian Kirk: 919 yards, 10 TD, 13 games
2016: Christian Kirk: 928 yards, 9 TD, 13 games
2015: Christian Kirk: 1,009 yards, 7 TD, 13 games
2014: Sammie Coates, 741 yards, 4 TD, 13 games
2013: Sammie Coates, 902 yards, 7 TD, 13 games

It’s a relatively impressive track-record. But where things get really interesting are where you dive a little deeper. Moorhead entered the NFL as an undrafted wide receiver in 2003, hitching onto the Indianapolis Colts where he played five years under…

Jim Caldwell – a man many consider to be a leading candidate for the Eagles offensive coordinator vacancy.

It’s very plausible that the Eagles would bring in Caldwell and sign someone of his recommendation as a WR coach. Obviously, this loses weight if the Eagles hire a different offensive coordinator, but it does make a ton of sense.

The Eagles are said to want all jobs taken by the end of next week. But there is a chance that some cogs are already in place and the team is waiting on a final couple of moves in order to make an announcement. We know Marquand Manuel is the new DB coach and we know that Burke is most likely the man to take over from Phillip Daniels as DL coach. Is this the final piece of the puzzle?

Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

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