Behind the Mic with Dave Pasch of ESPN


There are very few bradocasters that can call multiple sports through the calender year, let alone call a game on a major holiday.

Dave Pasch is broadcaster for ESPN, covering NBA, College Football & College Basketball. Pasch is also the Radio Voice of the Arizona Cardinals. Most recently, he was on the call of Sixers vs Bucks game on Christmas Day.

Recently Philly Sports Netwotk had the opportunity to speak to Dave Pasch about the upcoming game.

Question: Your reaction to be assigned a game on Christmas Day:

Pasch: “It’s my 14th year working the NBA for ESPN, and I always look forward to calling a game on Christmas Day. I grew up a huge NBA fan, and remember watching games on Christmas. It served as a reminder that basketball season, while underway already for a couple months, was beginning to take center stage in the eyes of the sports world. I’ve called some great matchups on Christmas Day in my time at ESPN, and this game between Milwaukee and Philadelphia will be as good as any. I can’t wait!”

Question: Being the radio voice of the Arizona Cardinals, When do you start your prep for the NBA on Christmas Day?

Pasch: “I’ve already done about 10 NBA games, so my prep began this summer. I’ve already done a Bucks game, but haven’t had the 76ers yet. I am looking forward to getting to see them in person, after calling a couple of their playoff games last year.”

Question: Your take on how the Sixers have looked so far

Pasch: I think Philly has a real chance to win the East, but they have to put everything together at the right time. They were close to beating Toronto last year, which was a step in the right direction after the previous post season. This is the year, in my opinion, for the Sixers to make that next jump, and get to the conference finals. That is the expectation, and I think they have an excellent chance of making it that far this year.

Question: Do you have a favorite Game/Moment from calling a game in Philadelphia

Pasch: I think the game in the playoffs a couple years ago when Philly played Boston in a game that went to OT. The Embiid dunk on Baynes stands out as a memorable moment, because of how the fans reacted. Plus, Embiid motioning to the crowd made it a sensational sequence.

Question: This Bucks vs 76ers game could be a preview of the East Finals

Pasch: There’s no question this could be a conference finals preview. Toronto and Boston are still pretty good, and Miami has been better than a lot of people expected. I wouldn’t write off Indiana either. The East is really intriguing this year. I think Milwaukee is the clear favorite in the East, but Philly has the talent to hang with them.

Question:  Your take on the matchup between Joel Embiid vs Giannis Antetokounmpo

Pasch: Giannis and Embiid are two incredibly talented players, who get it done in different ways. I am thrilled to be able to sit courtside and watch it unfold.

Question: What advice do you offer to those about covering a game on a major Holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas Day

Pasch:  I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that you’re keeping someone company while they enjoy a sporting event. You have to document the game, while also remembering to entertain and inform. The holidays are also a tough time for a lot of people, and sports can be a great release and escape.

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports