Potential trade targets who would strengthen the Eagles’ weaknesses

Denver Broncos

Sure the Broncos won on Sunday to bring their record to 1-4, but they have a long way to go to compete with the 4-1 Chiefs.  It’s time for John Elway to give up on Joe Flacco and give the keys to Drew Lock.  The Eagles will happily give them draft picks to help build their future for one or more of the following players:

Chris Harris Jr. (cornerback):
Harris is yet another corner that I highlighted in the previously linked article, so you know my affinity for him. Harris’ former defensive backs coach is currently the DB coach for the Eagles, Cory Undlin, and he had huge success under him. A pairing of Harris and the Eagles makes perfect sense, and it seems as though Harris is done with the Broncos after this season. So why not get compensation for him? I’ll just leave this tweet here:

Potential compensation: second round pick

Emmanuel Sanders (wide receiver):
Another receiver that’s a free agent at the end of the season, Sanders would provide field stretching capabilities that the Eagles are currently lacking.  Never averaging less than 11 yards a catch in his career, Sanders has zero drops this season. Zero. That alone should make him attractive to the Eagles. A trio of Jeffery, Jackson, and Sanders would be very hard to defend in the playoffs.

Potential compensation: mid-round conditional pick

Von Miller (linebacker/edge rusher/anything he wants):
Yes please.

Potential compensation: If Miller is indeed on the trade block, then Howie needs to offer two firsts, and a couple of mid-round picks for Miller. Imagine him in the same defense as Fletcher Cox?

Jacksonville Jaguars

We finally reach the pinnacle of trade rumors. This team has been mentioned in many rumors over the past few weeks, all centered around one player. Not sure who that player is? First, let’s get you out from under that rock. 

The Jaguars are currently 2-3 and only one game back from first place.  However, their schedule does not get much easier from now until the end of the season. They come back from the bye week on the 13th to face the Saints before two very winnable games against the Bengals and Jets. Then it’s three straight division games, that could put this team away. If the Jaguars really want to build for the future, it’s time to part ways with some players. The Eagles have apparently called for one, but there’s another they should be enamored with:

Jalen Ramsey (cornerback):
The case has been made, over and over again. Ramsey needs to be on the Eagles. Plain and simple. The previously linked article tells you all you need to know. Reports have surfaced that owner Shahid Khan won’t even trade Ramsey for five first round picks. That is foolish and is not what’s best for the team. Ramsey has expressed his desire to be traded and it doesn’t look like anything is changing that.

Potential compensation: two first round picks + a conditional fourth that can turn into a third

Keelan Cole (wide receiver):
The one receiver who should be atop Howie’s wish list is Keelan Cole.  Active for all five games this season, Cole caught his first pass on his first target two weeks ago against the Broncos. You read that right, it took four games for Cole to get targeted in the passing game. He still only has that one reception, which went for 19 yards.

Clearly out of favor with the current coaching staff and quarterback, Cole can help the Eagles’ passing attack immensely. Coming into this season, Cole recorded a passing grade of 91.1 on targets over 10 yards, 35th among 98 qualifying receivers according to ProFootballFocus. The Eagles need a receiver to target more than ten yards down the field. A student of the game (see tweet below), Cole does everything he can to improve his game and being in a room with Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson could unlock his potential. A change of scenery could pay huge dividends for Cole and the team that gets him, let’s hope it’s the Eagles. 

Potential compensation: mid to late round pick

San Francisco 49ers

The only team on this list that has a winning record, and the only team without a loss, the 49ers do have some players that aren’t getting playing time who would do well on the Eagles:

Solomon Thomas (defensive end):

17%, 48%, 21%, 24%.  Those are the percentage of defensive snaps Thomas has played through the first four games of the 49ers season. The third overall pick of the 2017 draft, Thomas has not come close to living up to his draft position. He has five sacks in three seasons and 79 tackles. He’s had three defensive line coaches in his three years, but none can tap the potential of Thomas like Phillip Daniels can (some bias included). Thomas would add talent to a defensive end group needing a jolt, and he could be a integral part of the defensive line for years to come. 

Potential compensation: mid-round pick
Jeff Wilson Jr. (running back)

Inactive, 21% of the snaps and two touchdowns, 27% of the snaps and two touchdowns, inactive. This has been the first four game stat line for Jeff Wilson Jr. There has been talk that Wilson may get waived, but that would most likely prevent the Eagles from landing him due to other RB needy teams having higher priority on waivers.  Sproles is “week to week” with a quad injury, and Clement is underwhelming on offense and special teams, so the Eagles could look to get Wilson for a very late round pick and deploy him as their third/fourth running back on offense. 

Potential compensation: sixth or seventh round pick

What say you, Eagles fans? Anyone I failed to mention? Anyone here your primary target? Let us know in the comments and make sure to follow @Infante54 and @FlippinBirdsPod for some Eagles content!

Mandatory Photo Credit: AP Photo/Adam Hunger

3 thoughts on “Potential trade targets who would strengthen the Eagles’ weaknesses

  1. Our draft capital is 1, 2, 3rd, comp 3rd(Foles), 4th, 4th(Hicks this pick is back because of cutting LJ Fort), 5th, 5th(Bennett trade), 5th(Tate), 6th, 6th(cyprien-riley deal). With that said it depends on the healthy of D. Jackson. I would rank our needs in order as Follows: CB, DT, DE, WR.
    CB: Harris, P. Peterson, Jackson are my targets
    DT: Williams and Atkins are my targets
    DE: Thomas is my target
    WR: I think Jackson comes back healthy we do not go for a wideout. But Emmanuel Sanders would be my target.
    Now we will be lucky if we get 1 of these names but in an ideal world we add a young DT like Leonard Williams for a 2020 3rd to pair with Cox and Thomas for a 2020 4th and Curry. Then Chris Harris Jr. and late round pick for 2020 2nd and 5th.
    Your looking at a defense of:
    FS Jenkins Maddox Mills
    SS McLeod Senedjo Ford
    CB1 Harris Mills Jones IV
    CB2 Darby Douglas Scandrick
    NICK Jones IV Scandrick LeBlanc
    SAM [Jenkins] Gerry
    MIKE Brown Riley Edwards
    WIL Bradham Grugier-Hill
    RDE Barnett Sweat Hall
    RDT Cox Ridgeway Graham
    LDT Williams Jernigan Thomas
    LDE Graham Thomas

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