As the Phillies Struggles continue, can Kapler really right the ship?


Off with his head! OFF WITH HIS HEAD! It is starting to sound like 18th century France. It’s also amazing to think the Phillies have only been out of first place for a week or so. By the looks of Twitter and Facebook pages, you would think they were the Marlins!

One thing I can’t stand is the image that Philadelphia fans are so negative. Yet we fans play into that image on a daily basis. They call for managers/ coaches firing after a series sweep, a tough loss, and after not benching a player.

I agree with the fact that he didn’t address the Jean Segura lack of hustle and that is problematic. I also held positions of leadership and have been trained in leadership roles. One thing that is a must for a young leader is to immediately correct the issue, otherwise, you’ll lose credibility. In my opinion, Segura should have been pulled from the game immediately. The discipline is immediate and swift sending the message that lack of hustle won’t be tolerated. Kapler is showing signs of the “likable leader.” That’s the guy who wants to be liked by everyone instead of being in charge.

Slipping out of First

The Braves took over the NL East because they have been playing great baseball. This streak most likely will not continue. The entire Braves lineup seemed to get hot all at the same time. The Phillies have been playing average baseball yet are still in the race for the postseason. I concede that manager Gabe Kapler has cost the Phillies a few games, however considering the issues he has had to deal with. Namely the fact that the second string players lack talent. The drop off between the starters and bench players is quite noticeable. However, The Phillies are doing all right.

Prior to the Dodgers’ series, the Phillies were riding high. They had not suffered a series sweep and were comfortably at the top of the East. After being swept out of LA, they bore down and took the next two series versus the Reds and the Padres, however, key injuries were about to take a toll. The Phillies then dropped the series at home versus the Diamondbacks and then the disaster in Atlanta.

The Phillies could have taken two from the Braves but failed to close the first game out and got absolutely destroyed the last game. They then went into Washington and looked horrible, getting swept out of the nation’s capital. Lack of hustle, baserunning mistakes, and coaching errors doomed the Phillies.

Time to Right the Ship

The Phillies are currently 4 and a half games out of first place as they return home for 7 games versus the Marlins and the Mets. They then go on the road to play 9 games against the Marlins, Braves, and Mets that will take them to the all-star break. If they are to right the ship, they must take the next two series to gain momentum and start looking to bury NL East opponents.

I am keeping the faith that they will get the job done. Let’s hope history repeats itself as in 2008, the Phillies lost 11 of 14 in June. Also, let’s remember in 2017, after just one year, many people were calling for Doug Pederson’s head. Patience, everyone. Maybe Kapler will surprise us as Dougie P has.