On the move: Five trade-up scenarios that benefit the Eagles


Ed Oliver

Ed Oliver has been mocked as high as five to the Buccaneers and as low as in the 20s to a few different teams.  

Oliver’s talent is elite and worthy of a top-five selection.  Watch the way he makes the Texas Tech tackle look silly:

However, there are some questions about his size and strength, though his 32 reps of the bench press at the combine helped alleviate some of those strength concerns.  

Despite those strong numbers, there’s potential for Oliver to drop out of the top ten, although his Combine numbers mirror Aaron Donald.  If Oliver does reach the 11th pick, the Eagles should jump at the opportunity to get in front of the Green Bay Packers and get their guy.  

If the Eagles do indeed want Oliver, getting in front of the Packers would ensure they draft him.  The Packers need an edge rusher, and would play Oliver at that position.  A pairing of Fletcher Cox and Ed Oliver for the next half-decade or so would be a beautiful thing to behold. 

However, if there’s also a quarterback available at 11, it might be difficult to persuade the Cincinnati Bengals to trade out.  New head coach Zac Taylor may want his own draftee to come in and sit behind incumbent starter Andy Dalton.  But if the deal is too good to pass up, the Bengals may feel as though they can still get their signal caller of the future in the later part of the first round.  

Potential trade

Eagles send 2019 first round pick (25th overall – 720 value), 2019 second round pick (53rd overall – 370 value), 2020 third round pick (value ranges from 265 – 116)

Bengals send 2019 first round pick (11th overall – 1,250 value), 2019 6th round pick (198th overall – 12.2 value).  The sixth round pick is originally from Dallas, wouldn’t it be fun for the Eagles to select a player for their team using one of Dallas’ original picks?