The Gallant Tale of Seranthony of Dominguez: Chapter 2


This is a dramatized story of how Seranthony Dominguez took the Phillies bullpen by storm. While based in fact, it is fictionalized for your reading pleasure. Now we continue with our soon to be noble knight riding towards the Kingdom of Philadelphia…..

Chapter 2: A Knight to Remember

“I know not of what to expect when I enter the gates of Citizens Bank Palace,” thinks Anthony to himself.

It was nary an hour ago when young Anthony learned of his future destiny as a knight for the noble Sir Kapler. A farmhand since the ripe age of 17, Dominguez had never stepped foot in a land such as this. This prosperous fortunes around ev’ry corner, the smell of Bull Barbeque wafting through the air, the rumors of a tamed great green dragon! All of it now felt like reality.

“Oi, Boy!” yells the carriage driver. “It ouldn’t be a bad idera if you caught ourself a couple ‘er zzzs. Till be morn that e’ll arrive. You could use sum of dat jawn.”

While he could not for the life of him understand what the driver’s accent was, Anthony figured that a quick nap wouldn’t hurt. He nuzzles he head onto a straw pillow besides him and softly fades into a deep sleep.

A dreamscape forms around the carriage. The horses and driver disappear in succession as the carriage comes to a stop. A figure in a brown monk’s robe stands mysteriously outside.

Anthony gently awakes, or so he thinks…..

“Huh…we hath stopped. Hath we arrived?” He works his way up and out of the carriage. As the door opens he is blinded with a bright light. He stumbles out. Trying to recover sight, he covers his eyes with his hand to make out his surroundings. A vague outline of a man can be seen.

“Are you the Lord whomst has summoned me? Is this the Kingdom of Philadelphia?”, Anthony asks the figures.

A not exactly raspy, but distinctive voice echoes through. “Son, I haven’t been to Philadelphia in almost a de-cade. Is that were you’re headed?”

Anthony answers, “Why yes. I am to be knighted, to be among one of the men of courage whom take the battlefield for noble House Phillies!”

The blinding light begins to clear. A glimmer from 2 large rings breaks forth from the hand of the hooded stranger. A wrinkled friendly smile cracks through the experienced face.

“You’re becoming a knight, what an honor. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to travel with you. This has been wonderfully peaceful and all, but I yearn for the environment I love. My many years of traveling experience might be of aid to you in your fledgling journey.”

He ponders over the proposal for a brief second.

“Surely, I wouldn’t mind the company. May I just inquire of your namesake?”

The old figure responds. “You can call me Harry and THIS DREAM IS OUTTA HERE!!!”

Young Anthony snaps awake.

“Yong lad, we’ve arrived at the kingdom.”, shouts the driver as he bangs on the door.

After not knowing what just conspired, the young squire opens the carriage door. What lies before him is almost more unbelievable than his dream. A gargantuan piece of architecture stands in his midst. Bronze statues of heroic figures line the gardens that lead up to the cast iron gates.

“Follow me den lad,” says the driver.

Anthony keeps a few paces behind the imposing driver.

“Ah I ever do love this kingdom.”

The soon-to-be knight looks around. “Excuse me, did you happen to say something?”, he asks the driver.

“No, musta been someone around tha way.”

Anthony shrugs in off. Behind him something fades in and out of view….

The two reach the gates. Insides a middle-aged man seems to be waiting patiently.

“‘ere is the new blood I was to bring to the castle Lord Gott.”, said the driver.

“Ah, excellent! Hello there, I am Lord Jimithy Gott. I will be your commanding officer just under the fair and fit Lord Kapler. We must get you to the great hall at once for your knighting. There is not a minute to waste!”

The two head with haste to the where Anthony will become Seranthony. Precious treasures line the walls. Dozens of rooms line the hall, each with their own purpose. They come to a great ornate door, at least 11 feet in height. A bald man in great red robes stands outside.

“Ah, Duke Thomas McCarthy. Would you please do the honors as to introduce our guest, seeing as you are the Kingdom’s head crier.”

The bald man responds in a powerful voice. “It would be an honor.”

He and Gott go through the huge door. His announcement can be heard through the door in a muffled tone.

“I welcome ye all this morn to the knighting of young Anthony Ambioris of Dominguez. As member o…..”

“What a great day for house Phillies.”

Anthony looks to his left to find the robed figure from his dream the past night.

“You were not just a vision? You’re real? Why are you here?”, inquires Anthony.

“You said I could join you on your journey and here I am!”, says Harry.

“But that’s not wh…”

“And with further adieu, I introduce Anthony Ambioris of Dominguez!”, McCarthy yells.

The apparition fades as the door swings open. instruments blare and other knights line Anthony’s path to Lord Gott, Lord Kapler, and finally King Klentak. Gott gestures to Anthony to move toward the throne.

He cautiously complies as he processes down the rows of fellow knights, taking quick glances at each as he passes. He reaches the Lords and King.

“Will you Anthony bend the knee?”, King Klentak asks.

He nods and gets down on his right knee. Klentak continues.

“It is my honor to welcome you to the knights of House Phillies. On this day, May 7th, I knight you Seranthony Ambioris of Dominguez, may you live long to serve the crown!”

Klentak unsheathes his sword, gently placing it upon both of Seranthony’s shoulders. He sheathes his sword and welcomes Seranthony to rise. The room erupts in applause as the young knights takes it all in.

Suddenly horns of war sound. Sir Scott Franzke bursts through the large door.


To be continued in chapter 3…..


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