Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Rebound With A Split


Lettttttttttttttttts go Flyers duh, duh, da, da, duh. Lets go Flyers duh, duh, da, da, duh. Who would have thought the orange and black would come out soooo flat in game one against the hated Pittsburgh Penguins in game 1 of the quarterfinals series?! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened after the Penguins routed this young Flyers team 7-0.

This young Flyers team appeared to have embraced the under dog roll. The Penguins were supposed to blast the orange and black in five or six games remember? Many predicted the Flyers to lose in six games. However, Elliott would be the deciding factor if the Flyers would make it out of the first round or not. Elliott and the Flyers as whole have to play better, and show they can keep up with the legs of the Penguins in game 2. Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

Adam you’re one of the most passionate Flyers fans I know. Without your support we wouldn’t be here today for sure. Absolutely, the coaching staff gets some of the blame for not having the players ready to play. However, it’s the playoffs. They shouldn’t need any extra motivation to play this time of year. You win as a team and lose a team. Simply put, they have to play better as a team collectively, or face an early first-round exit


Greg Coughenour- Last night just proves that this team isn’t a serious cup contender yet. Do you think they’ll make a move this off season for a goalie or stick with Elliot, Neuvy, Lyon, ect… until Carter Hart is ready?

Greg you’re one of the biggest die hard Flyers fans, and it shows with your knowledge of the team. The Flyers will roll with a tandem in Elliott and Lyon/Stolarz/Neuvirth/Tokarski next season. Whomever, isn’t selected to serve as Elliott’s backup, will then serve as Carter Hart’s backup for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. If I were to guess, Lyon backs up Elliott next season.

The Flyers will try to move Neuvirth, but if he’s always injured why would any team want to pick him up? They could always buy out the last year of his contract. Simply put, the Flyers will wait patiently for Hart’s arrival to the big club.


Todd Conard- Where do they like to play golf…b/c they’ll be there very soon. Pathetic.

Todd you’re a blue-collar die-hard Flyers fan, and it shows in this post. The Flyers have to play better collectively as a unit, as the first game was flat-out embarrassing. If the Flyers don’t come out with a better effort in game two, then golf may not be too far behind.


Jimmy Hayes- Jamey still have confidence in ELLIOTT? Bad part was the veterans stunk up the place…

Jimmy ,you have the orange and black running through your veins, as you eat, sleep, and breathe the orange and black. I’m 50/50 on Elliott at the moment. With his solid season I’m sort of confident he will rebound tonight. However, on the other hand a part of me thinks Elliott will not rebound tonight. The veterans need to step up in tonight’s game two no doubt about it.


Herb Sanabria- We are a goalie away from Stanley cup it’s a young team that will learn from playoff experience

Well said Herb. You’re a passionate die hard Flyers fan. Carter Hart will be here soon, so stay tuned lol.


Miguel Quinones- On a scale of 1/10, how much is Hakstol to blame for the Game 1 loss? Even if we’re not as talented a team as Pitt there’s no way we’re bad enough to lose 7-0

Miguel every week you show how passionate you’re about the orange and black. You’re one meaning behind the proud orange clad fans, as that’s exactly what you’re. Head Coach Dave Hakstol gets a 6 for the first game blunder against the Pens. He should of had the Flyers better prepared. The Flyers came out of the gate flat footed with no energy. Hakstol definitely gets a large portion of the blame to that in my regards.

Anthony is a passionate writer for the They are a fantastic group of people, and Anthony deserves a lot of praise for his rock solid Flyers coverage. Give them a follow. Elliott deserves some criticism for his performance in-game 1. All of it…not so much. At least three out of the five Penguins goals scored he had no shot, and some can make arguments for four out the five. However, in order to succeed this time of the year, a team has to have solid goaltending. The problem is Elliott didn’t make that save, unlike Matt Murray. Murray made a big save on Scott Laughton in the first period, and at the time it would have tied the game at one. Yes, Laughton flubbed the puck at first, but he still managed to get a quality shot on net. Murray made a strong save. That’s the type of goaltending that a team needs to be successful in the post season.

Elliott has to be better in order for the Flyers to have a shot this series. Can he regain his old form this post season, like he did when the St. Louis Blues went to the WCF in 2015-16? A part of me wants to say yes, but a part of me says no. I’m 50/50 on that. With his solid first season at the helm for the orange and black. I’m sort of confident he will rebound tonight. However, on the other hand a part of me thinks Elliott will not rebound tonight. I pray that he can rebound tonight, as it can’t get more embarrassing.


Michael Acchione- Yes why is Hagg not playing against physical Pittsburgh team?

Michael your a die-hard Flyers fan, and the orange and black runs through your veins. You have supported me from day one, and I will never forget that. Robert Hagg is a healthy scratch, and has been a healthy scratch for the past few weeks. If he’s re-inserted into the lineup. To me Radko Gudas should sit. However, that seems unlikely as Gudas is the only Right handed Defenseman on the current roster. Gudas has been inconsistent all year. One game he plays well, the next not so much. The Flyers like his physical presence, as well. If this losing slide continues against the Pens. Hagg will be re-inserted into the lineup as a spark to reignite the Flyers engine.

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