Nick Foles made Super Bowl history with remarkable TD catch, but it’s not the first time he’s ran that play


Fourth and goal from the one yard line. Doug Pederson brings his offense out onto the field and the world holds their breath. The confidence exuded by Pederson was impressive, but could he outsmart Belichick? It would have to be something special…and special it was. Nick Foles faked an audible to Corey Clement and the ball was given to TE Trey Burton. Burton kept his eyes in the end zone and floated a pass to his quarterback to put the Eagles up 22-12. This incredible moment will go down in Super Bowl history, but it’s not the first time Foles has used it.

Foles saw former Westlake (His alma Mater) QB Sam Ehilinger use this same play back several years back, where Foles set career records for passing yards and touchdowns, surpassing the one and only Drew Brees.


Pederson has long been known for his creativity and using plays his players feel comfortable in. Most recently, he began implementing shades of North Dakota State to help Carson Wentz soar and one of those plays even turned into an Alshon Jeffery touchdown for Nick Foles and the Eagles in the playoffs.

A monumental moment has been made that much more special.


Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports