Report: Eagles deny Jets request to interview John DeFilippo for OC role


The Eagles offseason thrill-ride has already begun. Frank Reich and John DeFilippo have both recently been linked with potential interviews for other coaching roles within the NFL. Both are also thought to be integral to the growth of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz. It should come as no surprise then, that the Eagles reportedly denied the Jets request to interview the Eagles QB coach for their Offensive Coordinator vacancy.

DeFilippo was bought in by the Eagles in January this year, with the intention of developing Carson Wentz. Having previously worked with Derek Carr, DeFilippo also has Coordinator experience, having had his first taste of the role in Cleveland a year ago.

It’s not yet known whether the Eagles will take the same approach to Offensive coordinator, Frank Reich..but it would be safe to assume that the team won’t want to begin losing members of a coaching staff that they hand-picked with one theme in mind. The future of their Franchise.