Did Fletcher Cox just troll Eagles fans on twitter or is there more than meets the eye?


Fletcher Cox is still yet to show up for voluntary workouts at the NovaCare Complex due to reportedly holding out for a contract extension. Cox sent out an indirect tweet earlier that caused quite the stir.

The immediate reaction was predictable. The tweet saw an influx of retweets, replies and debates within a matter of moments. However just a few minutes later, Cox shed some light on what it was he was referring to.

It didn’t take long for twitter to react to the Eagles leader in sacks in 2015.

Saying “and the clock is still ticking..” isn’t really the best way to emphasize your excitement for something. In terms of the bigger picture, $76,580 is the fine Cox could face if he fails to show up at the Mandatory Minicamp that takes place on June 7th and runs through June 9th.

Maybe Cox was trying to send a sub-tweet to the Eagles before realizing it wasn’t his smartest move or maybe he’s just really pumped about this invite only 7-on-7 camp. Either way, Cox obviously knows how to attract attention on social media and is using it to his advantage.

Regardless of what his intentions were, Cox certainly raised a few pulses. If he is indeed talking about his 7-on-7 invite only camp, this could be a sign that he will be returning to work in time for the Mandatory Minicamp.

The Eagles Defensive star is expected to have a huge year under Jim Schwartz after posting stellar numbers in 2015. The question is, will he go into the season with a new contract..or will he be using his “Man-dog” persona to hunt one down and ensure he gets the great player money he deserves?


Photo credit: Eric Hartline / USA TODAY Sports