Rookie Quarterback set to try out for the Eagles…as a flex tight end


Rookie Minicamp is just around the corner for the Philadelphia Eagles and whilst it’s our first chance to catch a glimpse of Carson Wentz and the rest of the rookies signed by the birds, there are also a number of players hoping to make an impact during their tryout for the team. One of those players however, is going one step further than most.

Quarterback Kyle Washington of Angelo State is set to try-out for the Eagles this weekend..another Quarterback?! Surely not…well, whilst Washington averaged the most offensive yards of any NCAA Division II player, Washington won’t be signal calling during his tryout for the Eagles. According to a report from the San Angelo Standard-Times,  Washington is actually trying out as a “flex” player.

The 6-foot-6, 225-pounder told reporter Charles Bryce:

“They are looking to bring me in to switch positions. It’s kind of like a flex tight end, big-receiver type position, so I’m planning for that transition as well.”

Washington was an accomplished Quarterback during his time at Angelo State. Not only did he average the third highest amount of passing yards per game in the country during his senior season, but also scored a total of 43 touchdowns, rushing for 15 and receiving for 1. He also completed 66.2% of his passes for 3,793 yards, 29 TD’s and 5 INT’s.

So why would the Eagles want to see him move to a different position? Take a look at his pro day stats:

Not only that but with the exception of both the Offensive and Defensive Line, Washington has played at every position on the Football field at some point during his career..oh and as an added bonus for Eagles fans, he compared his build and athletic ability to Randall Cunningham.

Whilst seeing a Quarterback transition to a “flex” position is extremely interesting, it’s hardly a surprise to see the Eagles try to add yet another player who can benefit the team in more ways than one. With a lot of focus being placed on versatility this offseason, Washington could become a very useful weapon for the Eagles if his tryout is successful.