Halftime headlines in Arizona vs Philadelphia

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The Eagles enter halftime down by 7 to the Arizona Cardinals but there is a lot to talk about and perhaps be reminded of at the break. Here are all the stories you need to know before the second half starts.

  1. Byron Maxwell is questionable to return.
    After sustaining a shoulder injury, the Eagles corner is questionable to return following several looks on the table. Maxwell took a meme worthy piggy back down the field early on..

    ..but also somehow leads the team in tackles with2. Eric Rowe out for the game
    As if the Eagles secondary wasn’t hurting enough, Eric Rowe is absent for the rest of the game following a concussion..leaving just two active corners. The Eagles secondary is wearing thin at the worst time possible.3. Sam Bradford injured non throwing arm..wins hearts of fans
    Sammy B went down early on after dropping just one pass and upon returning to the field was met with a stadium wide round of applause..Bradford is quickly winning the hearts of Philly fans as he ends the first half with over 100 yards, 15/20 completions and a touchdown.

    4. Murray where you at? 
    DeMaro Murray has not taken a single carry…at all..none..zilch. The Eagles were even at a 4th and inches situation late in the second quarter and espite Murray having a 100% completion rate from 3rd and 4th from short..they went with Mathews and it backfired..signs of a deterring relationship?