The Three Eagles players you NEED to select in Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football, a game that unites yet divides all of us at the same time. It turns friendships into rivalries and relationships into discussions about who to pick up off the waiver wire whilst your Girlfriend nods and tries to watch an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. We love it. From the stat watchers to the guys who draft only players from their favourite team, it’s a beautiful game. What’s even more beautiful is being right about a draft pick. Especially when that pick is an Eagle. So here it is, the top three Philadelphia Eagles players everyone should take in this years Fantasy Football Draft.

NOTE* There are some big names missing from this short list, mainly due to uncertainties or slight injury know who we’re talking about. Whilst it may be the best idea on the planet to pick Sam Bradford in the first round due to the numbers he will put up in the Eagles Offense, you want to win the league, and there are better arms available. These are the players you absolutely need in your lineup.

3) Cody Parkey: Kicker

We all #LoveParkey, especially when he puts up the numbers that he did last season. Kicking 29 of 32 field goals and making 42 extra points, Cody Parkey was a brilliant addition to the Eagles team and other than Matthews, probably the most impressive rookie. He saved us from a woeful year of Henery hilarity and is almost certain to finish in the top 5 kickers list come the end of this season. He’s consistent, effective and is going to be on a lot of peoples radar. We’re not saying pick him in the first round, but at the same time, don’t wait around too long…

2) Nelson Agholor: Wide Receiver

Whilst he isn’t going to be targeted as much as Jordan Matthews early on, Agholor looked great in OTA’s and minicamp. Okay so it wasn’t exactly a gameday situation but in the short time we have seen the first round pick in action, he has impressed us hugely. Catching everything that the QB’s threw at him, Agholor showcased his blistering speed and just how smooth he can run routes. For us, he’s the most complete Receiver in the roster, but without seeing him in an actual NFL game, it’s hard to judge. So the question is this, Matthews or Agholor?Do you go for someone looking to build on a solid rookie year or someone who could have an explosive rookie year? This is the riskiest pick out of the three, but it’s a risk worth taking for someone who can run the length of the field in the time it takes me to finish this sentence…

1) Zach Ertz: Tight End

There was only one man who was going to be our number one prospect for a fantasy draft, Zach Ertz is set for an astronomical season. Not only did he have a huge year last season, but in OTA’s the #ErtzFord bromance is real. We’ve already picked up on it, but Sam Bradford has targeted the Tight End perhaps more than anyone else. People seem to just love throwing him the ball and with the increased work on his blocking, Ertz may well be the hottest tight end in Philly right now.

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