What does the signing of Paul Worrilow mean for the Eagles?

The Eagles have continued to implement their ‘prove-it’ offseason formula by signing veteran linebacker Paul Worrilow. The former Falcons and Lions defender makes his way to the City of Brotherly Love, bolstering their linebacker depth with even more experience. But what does this mean for the Eagles?

Worrilow started eight of 13 games played for the Detroit Lions last year having signed with the team in free agency one year ago, registering 20 tackles, one pass defensed and a fumble recovery in the process. Prior to this, he started 43 games for the team to give him his first shot in the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons. With 242 tackles, 2 picks and 3 forced fumbles in that span, Worrilow became a tenacious tackler and esteemed run defender.

Now as he seeks greener pastures (literally), Worrilow has a chance to use his run defense prowess in the most stout system in the NFL when it comes to that category. While he’s not an electric athlete, the middle linebacker has made his name stuffing holes and using his thick base to bring down bigger backs and tight ends.

The Eagles have their starting middle linebacker in Jordan Hicks, but they don’t have long-term security. Simba has taken over the Animal Kingdom, but injuries have plagued two of his three season’s in the NFL and have left the Eagles shy of starting talent on both occasions, opening up a gaping hole. Worrilow adds a sense of serenity to the position, giving the team the perfect position heading into the draft.

Prove-it contracts have allowed the Eagles to build through the draft. By targeting developmental talent in the later rounds and enabling them to sit behind proven veterans and spend a year in a very well-proven coaching system. With the likes of Joe Walker, Kamu Grugier-Hill and Nate Gerry all waiting in the wings, having a player who has more experience is always valuable when injuries hang heavy over a position.

What’s even more impressive is that Worrilow played in 48.7% of Detroit’s special teams snaps in 2017. If the team decide to fully part ways with Najee Goode, Worrilow brings experience on Fipp’s top-ranked unit and would be more than a worthy replacement.

The Eagles also added Corey Nelson recently, solidifying the linebacker group for the season ahead and minimizing the immediate need prior to the NFL Draft. With plenty of depth and an array of talent across the board, this offseason promises to be one of excitement for the Eagles linebackers, captained by Hicks and Bradham. While the future of Mychal Kendricks remains uncertain, the Birds’ are beginning to string together an abundance of contingency plans for a number of scenarios.



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11 thoughts on “What does the signing of Paul Worrilow mean for the Eagles?

  1. Liam-Enjoyed your article and your take on the one year contract players allowing developmental players from lower round picks time to mature.
    Since you have shown insight into the Eagles’ personnel situation, let me ask you this: how do you see Howie and the front office handling the upcoming draft, given the lack of draft picks this year?

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Steve! I think there’s definitely going to be a push to coup some extra draft capital in the coming weeks but the issue is that the team will have very little leverage because of it. It all comes down to being smart at the end of the day and with the ability to hit late in the draft, I don’t think the front office will be phased

  2. Liam- I’m a huge fan of your articles man keep them coming!

    I agree as an avid Eagles fan it’s hard to see a asset like Kendricks value diminish so quickly. However if Howie can get a1st for Bradford he can get at least a day 2 pick for Kendricks.

  3. “While he’s not an electric athlete, the middle linebacker has made his name stuffing holes and using his thick base to bring down bigger backs and tight ends.”


    I appreciate you for trying but I always know when I’m reading your stuff. Usually odd comments and fairly uninformed remarks.

    I wish Bleacher Report wouldn’t share your stuff until you learn the biz.

    1. Appreciate you taking the time to comment and read the article. If you compare his traits to other MLB’s (most obviously younger, faster etc) Worrilow doesn’t have the same burst, speed or change-of-direction that others do. His production dropped in Detroit and his play, at least in my opinion seemed slower. Opinions are subjective. I believe I know enough about ‘the biz’ to at least voice that opinion having worked incredibly hard to network with writers, coaches, scouts at various levels to learn as much as I can. Doesn’t mean I’m right or you can’t disagree, but you always learn in this field and I’m always trying to.

    2. thats pretty bogus comment… so typical of comments pages connected with the NFL. Every tom dick and harry thinks so highly of themselves that they feel entitled to criticize as if an authority (derogatory too) while supposed real authorities misdiagnose stuff all the time. Love your stuff Liam, ignore the haters and continue as you have been. Its the great insight and lack of drama and bogus testosterone soaked commentary that makes your writing a pleasant change from the norm… as well as the reason other sites are picking up.

      1. Thank you so much for the kind comment and continued support, Steve. Seeing your genuine reactions (whether it’s agreeing, disagreeing or simply eagerness to learn more) really do mean a lot to me. I know I don’t always have the time to get back to you straight away, but I do read each and every one and knowing that you’re liking the content is such an amazing feeling. I can promise nothing is going to knock me off-course, I’m always going to give 100% to this and just trust the process!

  4. If only Hicks could stay healthy our LB core is dominant. I think eagles should draft a saftey and let him learn from Malcolm Jenkins.

  5. Enjoy your insights. I think Kendrick’s trade is already worked out if the draft goes a certain way for a team. Not a Goode fan at all. Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Richard, that means a lot and I’m glad you’re enjoying the content! I feel at this stage he’s been shopped so aggressively for so long that most of the value will have diminished as there’s no leverage. But this is Howie we’re talking about!

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