Justin Meram would be a perfect fit for the Philadelphia Union

It was announced Friday that the key players for the Columbus Crew are looking to be moved this Winter. Those players are striker Ola Kamara, and winger Justin Meram. Both of these players are playmakers, and one of them fills a huge need for Philadelphia. The Union are looking to replace Chris Pontius on their right-wing, Justin Meram is one of the best wingers in MLS. Here’s a look at why Justin Meram would fit perfectly in Philly.

Ability to create offense:

Meram has an amazing ability to create offense. His speed and vision make him a dream player for any team. He has shown he’s a lethal threat from twenty yards or closer. This type of talent can take a good team and push them to greatness. If Meram was added to the Union, maybe they’ll have enough consistent offense to contend in the east. Take a look at some of Meram’s ability to create, and take chances.

MLS veteran/leader:

Meram has been in MLS for seven seasons. Over that time, he has never played less than 17 games. In his seven seasons he’s racked up 188 games played, 37 goals and 33 assists! Over his Over the years Columbus has been a solid team, with a lot of depth at the wing position, and every year, Meram beat out any newcomers that came to Ohio. Since he’s an MLS vet, there won’t be that adjustment year that many past  foreign players have gone through with the Union. His Consistency on the field and cool collectiveness off the field make him the type of veteran/leader the Union could use.

Gritty competitor:

Meram is not only an offensive spark, or a veteran leader, he’s the prototypical Philadelphia type of player. He’s gritty; Meram loves to get down and dirty. He’ll challenge the opposition to win the ball back and take it the other way to find. If the Union look for a specific type of tough, two-way player, then Meram fits the bill. His determination can single-handedly win games. His competitiveness is something the Union lacked last season. If they want to sign a player in their prime, who’ll fight for 90 plus minutes to get three points Meram’s their man.

Will the Union go after him?

The price tag for Meram will be pricey, especially since he wants a move in this window. But the Union would be foolish if they don’t try to negotiate a deal for a player of this caliber. Since this type of creative player fills a position of need, he should be considered. Meram is a winger by trade, but has also played centrally for Columbus. Could he make that transition to Union number 10? Possibly. He’d be a better winger for Philly, but if the Union choose to spend their resources on Meram he could play the 10 if need be.

Only time will tell if the Union try to pursue this player who wants a move, until then We’ll sit back and wait for the Union to sign someone to help fill out their still depleted roster.

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